Wellness || My Probiotic Evening Skin Care Routine

So, I have a few fears in life… some a little scarier than others…. and Tuesday, my dreaded fear of the stomach bug took over and sidelined me for a little over 24 hours. This post was originally scheduled to go live for Wellness Wednesday, yet, since I wasn’t feeling so well, it wasn’t completed. I figure better late than never… so today, I bring you my wellness post for the week and I’m chatting all about my evening skincare routine….

When I started middle school (aka puberty) my mom sat me down and we chatted about the importance of taking care of your skin… especially in the evening, before bedtime. She purchased the necessary products and gave me a step by step tutorial. It was a habit I fell into pretty quickly…. and one I’ve never veered from. Even during those late nights in college, I never went to bed with make-up on…. and made sure to go through my evening skincare routine (it might have just been a tad bit quicker…. and sloppier)….

Over the years I’ve made small variations to the products that I used…. when I find what works, and what I love, I stick with it. Which is why I don’t do a lot of skincare reviews on the blog…. yet, about a year ago I was introduced to TULA skincare and have been hooked ever since. It was right after I had Harper and my skin was going through a dry spell so I thought I would change things up a bit. I was intrigued that their technology used probiotics. I’d been a religious user of probiotics for the gut, but never for the face. So, I did a bit of research.

Here are the benefits of using probiotics as a topical agent on the skin:

1. Wrinkle Prevention (and possibly assist in slowing down the aging process)
2. Strengthen The Skin Barrier (protects the skin’s microbiome which protects against the aging process)
3. Moisturizes (well hydrated skin makes wrinkles less visible… yes please!)
4. Protects Against Sun Damage

After reading all that, I decided I wanted to know more about TULA’s technology and how it utilizes probiotics to help skin. They have a patented technology to help improve the health of the skin, and their products are free from harmful substances and contain the following:

Multistrain Probiotic Technology
Yogurt Cultures
Rice Nutripeptides
Vitamin A, C, + E
Chicory Root Extract
Omega 3 + 6 Fatty Acids

I can honestly say that since using their products, I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin’s moisture level and general glow. I received a few questions asking how I incorporate their products into my evening routine, so I thought I would share that with you since I firmly believe that healthy skin is so important….. And, because I feel so strongly, TULA is offering all my readers 20% off and free shipping on your order. Just use code Shannon20.

I usually start my evening skincare routine around 7:30pm, right after Harper has gone down. I slip into some comfortable pajamas, like this striped pullover + shorts set, and toss my hair into a ponytail so it doesn’t get in the way. I start with the Purifying Face Cleanser which is a gel cleansing emulsion that gently removes make-up and cleans pores…. I love the way it lathers up too.

Every other night, I use the exfoliating treatment mask…. I’m obsessed with it. I notice a huge difference in my skin’s brightness the next morning… It’s my favorite little indulgence on those evenings…. when I get to spend an extra 5 minutes on myself… without any interruptions!

After I wash + dry my face, I apply this toner to prepare my skin for the rest of the products. I then apply the illuminating face serum, one of my favorites from the line. It works to even skin tone, provides moisture from the inside out, and diminishes dark spots. I’ve 100% noticed a brighter complexion in my face since using.

I then apply the overnight skin rescue treatment. This stuff is no joke. If you want to moisturize your face, it’s the real deal. It leaves face incredibly moisturized… and adds a dewy like complexion.

Lastly, I use the revitalizing eye cream (I go between the eye cream and the multi-spectrum eye renewal, both great options) on my under-eye skin and on my eyelids. I love the moisture it provides and it leaves the area illuminated and soft.

That’s all! It sounds pretty intense, but it only takes me about 5 minutes to complete the entire routine… and when I wake up, my skin feels soft and supple…. and most importantly, it’s healthy.


  1. Courtney says:

    Thanks for this post! I have been curious about your skincare routine so this is perfect! Would you consider doing an update to your everyday makeup routine sometime soon? As always, your posts are so helpful and relevant! Thank you!!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Yes, I have been trying out some new make-up products lately, and will try to get a post up on it in the next several weeks… probably towards to end of April! Thank you so much for the suggestion!