The Suede Jacket || Blushing

Around this time last year, I went on the hunt for the perfect camel colored suede jacket. The one I had my eye on sold out while I had it sitting in my shopping cart (I contemplated too long…. I hate when that happens)… and then all I could find were suede jackets well over the $500 price point…. just a tad over what I was willing to pay (I say that sarcastically). Yet, when I get something in my head, I am relentless about it… that can be a strength, and a weakness at times… yet this time, it was a strength. I stumbled across the best real suede jacket…. for an even better price point ($60…. WTF….) from Forever 21 (you can see it styled here, here, + here). I was #obsessed…. I mean, the quality was (and still is) amazing + the price point was seriously unbelievable…. I wore it all the time…. still do….

Yet, this season I wanted to mix things up a bit, and went on the search for a colored suede jacket (I own one in cobalt blue… but wanted something a little softer for spring….). Of course, this one caught my eye…. but the price tag brought me back to reality. Quickly. I don’t think so. Ever….. Especially after last year’s steal…. so the search continued….

Until a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this blush beauty (yes, I realize all 3 of my posts this week have had blush in them… can you tell I like it…. remember what I said about when I get something in my head I’m relentless….???). While not the same price as last year’s steal, it was well under the original find, so I decided to give it a try. When it came in the mail I was smitten. A gorgeous light blush color, the softest suede, the smell of suede, and the most perfect fit/shape. I wore it out to brunch the other weekend, and can’t wait to wear it this coming weekend as well. I even plan on wearing it with my favorite tank and high waisted leggings for a casual day of errands… or a post work-out brunch. I’m all about versatility, and this jacket fits the bill…..

If you’re looking for a suede option, under $200, I also highly recommend this option (I tried it on in the store, while waiting for this one to arrive, and if I could, would snag it in the light blue….). The fit is amazing and it’s excellent quality too. I also love the scallop edges on this camel colored option, and this drape front faux suede option is a great price and color.

I still consider that suede jacket from last year to be one of my best finds ever…. I’d love to know what your best find was!

{Outfit Details || Jacket (wearing size 4) | Tank | Jeans | Mules | Sunglasses}