Wellness Wednesday || 3 Ways I Up My Fitness Routine In Spring + Favorite Spring Activewear

Spring has always been my favorite time for upping my level of intensity in the fitness realm. There is just something about the warming temperatures, sunnier days (…. and longer soon, with daylight savings time this weekend….), and the thought of bathing suit season being right around the corner….. that makes me want to kick my booty in gear just a little bit more. So, today I’m sharing the three ways I up my intensity level, stay motivated, and work on feeling challenged and confident……

1. Extra Weight: When I really want to increase my strength and build muscle, I try to incorporate heavier weights into my routine…. nothing too crazy, but you’d be amazed what adding 3-5 pounds will do! I’ve recently started wearing ankle weights in some of my HIIT routines, and have increased my dumbbells from 3 to 5 pounds (for lighter weights) and 8 to 10 pounds (for heavier weights). Sometimes I’ll start heavy and then, when my form starts to go, I’ll decrease the amount of weight. It’s a great way to challenge myself and ensure I’m still doing everything right.

2. New Gear: I’m always more motivated when I can add a few new pieces to my closet…. it really helps to motivate me when my alarm goes off at 5:30am…. or when I’d rather head straight to brunch on the weekends instead of logging some miles in my running shoes. I always try to find pieces that help me feel confident, and can easily transition from workout to post-sweat activities (whether that’s brunch, errands, or the park with Harper….). Nordstrom always has the greatest selection of apparel…. with so many different brands in one place, it makes picking out pieces so simple (maybe too easy….). I recently purchased this zip-up hoodie (in oatmeal) and love tossing it on after a morning run or spin class. This crop sports bra is the perfect length to wear with my all time favorite high waisted leggings (they seriously look good on everyone…. my girlfriend and I swear they have countering in them!). I also couldn’t resist this blush hoodie (it comes in 3 other color options too) as the perfect top layer…. I love the motto detailing, and the color is so soft for spring. A few other options that will pair great with about any fitness item you already own in your closet include this wrap front top, open back pullover (#obsessed), this twist front tee, and these mesh crops. I also think a great tote is a necessity, and this tote is my new favorite (this one is great too!). In my tote I always carry a water bottle, favorite cap, and lip balm.

3. HIIT: Whenever I’m feeling like I need to add a little push to my routine, I work in a HIIT routine. I typically make one up, or find one on youtube. Recently, I’ve been working sprints into my treadmill workout (since it’s been too dark, and a little too cold, to run outside that early….). If you’re looking to try something different on the treadmill, I’ve shared it with you below:

Warm-up: 4.0 speed/5 minutes
Jog: 6.0 speed/3 minutes
Sprint: 7.0 speed/1 minute
Jog: 6.0 speed/3 minutes
Run: 6.5 speed/3 minutes
Sprint: 7.0-7.5 speed/1 minute
Jog: 6.0 speed/1 minute
Sprint: 7.5 speed/1 minute
Jog: 6.0 speed/1 minute
Sprint: 8.0 speed/1 minute
Recovery: 4.0 speed/5 minutes
Repeat 2xs, second time skip the warm up

Other ways I like to add in interval training include jumping rope, weighted burpees, and jump switch lunges. They get my heart rate up quickly, and help me break a sweat!…. and with bathing suit season right around the corner it’s just what my booty needs!

(Outfit Details || Leggings (I’m wearing the grey/black color) | Hoodie (comes in 4 color options, wearing a S) | Sneakers (size down), also love these | Sports Bra | Tote | Sunglasses)

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.