5 Days Of Healthy Eating || Favorite New Food Products

I have to admit that I often times love going to the grocery store (not all the time…. but more often than not….). I love pursuing the isles in search of new products to try, or for some inspiration in the kitchen. It’s so easy to get caught in a rut of eating the same thing, day after day, that I’ve found by simply mixing in a few new products here and there you can really create some variety. So today, I’m sharing with you some new favorite healthy food products I have found, as well as a full 5 days of what I ate last week……oh, and a few favorite pieces of workout wear that are currently on sale (at the very end of the post)……

Recent Favorite Products:

Hilary’s Eat WellWhile the brand is not new to me, what is new are a few of the veggie items I’ve been incorporating lately. Both Harper and I love the veggie burgers, veggie bites, and the veggie breakfast sausages…. they’re hearty, delicious, and void of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. They’re non-GMO, gluten free, and organic which makes them a pretty great option.

Barely Bread: I was recently introduced to this grain free option and fell in love. I’ve tried other paleo style breads and they literally fall apart the moment you pull them out of the bag (and with the heafty price tag, it’s a tad frustrating). Not this line. While not as firm as grain bread, it definitely keeps its shape…. the bagels are pretty delicious too. I’ve incorporated them in my breakfasts and lunches!

Health-Ade Kombucha: My new favorite flavor is the pomegranate. Period.

Perfect Bar: I’ve chatted about these before, but my new flavor of the day is the “Nuts + Fruit” variety. I’m also a huge fan of the 100 calorie size for a little mid morning snack.

5 Days Of Healthy Eating


Breakfast: 3/4 cup Trader Joe’s Rolled Oats, 1/2 sliced banana, dash of cinnamon
Snack: hard boiled egg + Healthade pomegranate kombucha
Lunch: Organic Cauliflower Soup (in Trader Joe’s pre-prepared section) + 3 Hilary’s Mediterranean Bites
Snack: RX Bar (Blueberry)
Dinner: Mexican Sweet Potato Hash: organic, grass fed ground beef sautéed with 3 bell peppers, 2 cups of spinach, 1 cup cheery tomatoes, 2 cups mushrooms, 2 cups brussels sprouts. 2 medium sweet potatoes diced, seasoned with cooking spray, salt, pepper, and garlic powder and roasted at 450 for 20 minutes (on convection setting). Served with guacamole + salsa. (see below photo)


Breakfast: Left over veggies + sweet potatoes with two spicy veggie patties, topped with salsa
Snack: 100 calorie perfect bar + Healthade Pink Lady Apple Kombucha
Lunch: Open-faced Tuna Sandwich: 1 slice barely bread, 1 can of tuna, 1 tsp Annie’s organic honey mustard, 1 cup of spinach, sprouts, 1/ avocado smashed. Assemble sandwich in whatever order you prefer…. side of carrots. (see below photo)
Snack: Lara Bar Cashew Cookie
Dinner: Healthy Carnitas: 4 lbs organic, no antibiotics/hormones pork butt (cut off fat) in crock pot. Placed pork in crock pot along with 1 jar of Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde, minced garlic, and 1 tbsp of liquid smoke. Placed on low for 8 hours. Shredded when done, and let it marinate in the juices for about 20 minutes. Served with mexican cauliflower rice (used a package of riced cauliflower from Trader Joe’s) and sautéed bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach, and zucchini. Topped with guacamole.


Breakfast: Peanut Butter Banana Toast: 1 slice barely bread, 2 tbsp Justin’s Peanut Butter, 1/4 sliced banana, honey drizzled on top
Snack: Hard Boiled Egg + Healthade Original Flavor Kombucha
Lunch: Hilary’s Veggie Burger topped with 1/2 smashed avocado, diced tomatoes, spinach, and sprouts.
Snack: Beauty Smoothie 
Dinner: Shrimp Stir Fry: Sauté the shrimp in garlic, olive oil, and red bell pepper flakes. Then in a separate pan use some sesame oil and garlic to sauté your cauliflower rice. Turn heat to low and allow cauliflower rice to cook with the lid on for about 8 minutes. Add cooked broccoli, baby corn, spinach,  cooked peas, and 1 1/2 cups cooked brown rice…. then drizzle some soy sauce over it (I’m generous with this….).  When it’s all warm and flavors to your liking you’re done. You can use the frozen brown rice from Trader Joe’s and then just heat it up in the microwave… as well as their broccoli…. it makes the dish even easier. They also have excellent uncooked shrimp (not fishy at all!). (see below)


Breakfast: Hilary’s Veggie Patties (2), 2 poached eggs, sliced avocado, sliced tomatoes
Snack: Banana + Healthade Pomegranate Kombucha
Lunch: Spinach Salad: 1/2 cup Quinoa, 3 cups spinach mixed with 1 cup romaine, Hilary’s veggie burger bites, 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds, sprouts, diced cucumber, diced tomatoes, lemon agave dressing (1 tbsp).
Snack: Beet Chips
Dinner: Grilled Salmon with roasted sweet potatoes and broiled asparagus. So simple, and a weeknight go-to.


Breakfast: Oatmeal (same as Monday)
Snack: Bowl of berries + Healthade Kombucha
Lunch: Ate Out, ordered an avocado veggie sandwich
Snack: RX Peanut Butter Bar
Dinner:  Ordered Mexican Food Take-Out: Mesa Rice Bowl, side of guacamole, hold the beans (they bother my stomach….).
2 glasses of wine


I also wanted to share that a few of my favorite workout pieces are on sale with the ShopBop GOBIG17 event (buy more, save more). These high waisted leggings are literally one of my favorites and I feel as if they look good on everyone! This open back tank would go perfectly with the leggings, as well as this sports bra and this open front cardigan (that I own…. it’s so soft!!).


  1. That Mexican sweet potato hash looks SO yummy! I’ve been meaning to try out that Barely Bread. Where did you buy it — online?

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      So good girl! I got the Barely Bread online and it’s worth it! Especially the bagels!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Hi Joelle- Yes, on-line… I haven’t been able to find it in any stores lately!