Weekend Recap // Trust The Process

I recently received an e-mail from a college graduate, asking me what advice I would give to someone just graduating…. as I thought about my response to her, I couldn’t help but reflect on this past weekend….

As I mentioned before, I headed up to LA for Saturday with a girlfriend from middle school (thanks to TJ and her hubs for holding down the fort with our two babes and pups….)…. we enjoyed an invigorating spin class in the morning, followed by a delicious lunch, shopping on Melrose (I use the term “shopping” loosely, as we bought nothing….), treated ourselves to blow-outs, and then a delicious dinner with margaritas….

As we sat at dinner (marveling at the fact that it was 8:15pm and we were just now sitting down to eat… outside of the house….) we couldn’t help but chat about our past…. the hard times, good times, what we’d seen each other through…. what we’d realized about ourselves over the past few years (it’s amazing what you can learn about someone, even after knowing them for years)…. we talked about our fears, what we feel like we have to prove in our lives…. the moms we hope to be…. and how, when we looked back on our lives, all the worries and frustrations, everything worked out the way we would have wanted it to….

Which brings me to the advice I gave….

I could probably go on for days on tips to a 22 year old right out of college! But, I’ll tell you what I would say to my little miss. Follow your passion and find a way to make it into a career…. don’t be afraid to take risks… usually with risk comes reward… and if it doesn’t work, you’ll never wonder “what-if.” Surround yourself with a strong and loving group of girlfriends, who support you and who you can turn to in those rough patches…. and don’t put up with any toxic relationships…. trust me, they don’t last and they’re a waist of your time and energy (you’ll be happier without them!)…. Your twenties are a time to find yourself…. to love yourself and where you are going… trust the process and that in the end, even if it doesn’t seem like it, when you look back in 10 years, you will realize it all happened for a reason!” 

So, here’s to a week of trusting the process and knowing that, in the end, it’s all part of a bigger picture. Have a great week friends! xx

*My apologies for the post that was sent out late Friday morning and was password protected. I accidentally hit publish, which is why you were not able to view the post (and it wasn’t finished yet!)…. it will be live Tuesday morning. Thanks so much for letting me know! 

{The only photo we captured of the two of us from the weekend…. a little grainy… but oh-well!}

{*Stayed at the Avalon Hotel for our evening away…..}

{Started off the morning with a butt kicking SoulCycle class….}

{Then immediately moved to a bellini with lunch at Le Zinc Bar}

{And, well, you know…. a must….}

{Ended the evening with some delicious Mexican food at Gracias Madre…..}

It was a cool evening last night so I made our favorite lentil soup for dinner while we watched some of the Oscar’s….. I also made a batch of these tasty egg muffins for the mornings this week.

In anticipation for the weekend, I snagged a few items that I knew would be perfect in cooler and warmer weathers. I initially stepped into Anthropologie to return an item that was to large, yet came out with this absolutely perfect tank (in black and stripes)…. an amazing price point, and the material is so stretchy (I still sized up to a M though). I also came home with this grey duster cardigan (can’t wait to wear with leggings and jeans), as well as this grey v-neck tunic (such a perfect slouchy fit) and wrap top (in the taupe color option, sized up to a S)…… I also brought this cap and my favorite oversized denim jacket for our day of shopping.

I also stumbled across this mauve colored asymmetrical tank, and the price point can’t be beat! Such a perfect layering piece. A few other items that I think are super cute include this high low v-neck top (so pretty for spring), this zip up hooded sweatshirt (I like it in the white option), and this henley thermal (which comes in so many color choices). Annnnd, while we’re on the topic of comfort, how comfortable do these lounge pants and this hoodie look??? This slate blue suede jacket is gorgeous and I think it would be so pretty with this navy slip dress, or this grey one, and kicks for a casual daytime look.

The weather is supposed to hit 80 here on Friday (yes!!) so I have my eye on a few new slides….. I love this blush bow sandal slide, as well as this strappy blush slide (which comes in a multitude of color options too)…. and with our anniversary around the corner, I have my eye on a lower heeled slide like this soft blush option, and this blush version with a cork block heel (both kitten heel height). I also think these white mules are pretty gorgeous!

For little miss, I recently bought this adorable pink thermal for her and it’s so soft for her baby skin! I also think this pink striped tee is too cute, as well as this floral bubble romper and these black and white striped bubble shorts.

*Photo via instagram 


  1. Carly says:

    Thank you, Shannon! I think that was me who sent you the initial email and I really appreciate your advice!! Unfortunately, I cannot find the email in my inbox so if you wouldn’t mind re-sending that would be great. Thanks again!!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      HI Carly,

      I just re-sent it! My apologies, I realized I responded to the auto-generated contact address from my site! Thank you for letting me know… as that was how I was responding to all e-mails.