Dressing For Date Night + The 12 Year Memory

Thanks to Facebook memories, I was pleasantly greeted with a twelve year old memory the other morning. One of my 21 year old self, TJ’s 23 year old self, before we headed out for our first date. #Babies. As we laughed at the image, it took me back to that evening and those feelings that surrounded it…..

I remember getting ready in my room, my college room-mates prepping for their evenings out as well…. there was a hustle around the house as we all swapped items and tried to decide what to wear. Looking back on the photo, I recall wanting to look classy and chic…. pulled together, yet feminine. So, I settled on a favorite black silk button-up top, some layered gold accessories, a pair of pink kitten heels (cuter than they sound….. I think….), and my favorite jeans (hmmmmmm…… not much has changed I’d say…..)….

When TJ came to the door to pick me up, I remember feeling giddy inside…. but also confident. We ended up heading out to dinner and drinks (well, 3 Long Island Iced Teas to be exact….. don’t really remember what I ate for dinner though….) and meeting up with friends after. It was a fun evening…. obviously…. because here we are, 12 years later…. and not much has changed….

I still wear jeans out to anything and everything…. we still enjoy getting cocktails (although, to be honest, I haven’t had a Long Island in years…..)…. we still enjoy date nights…. and I still love the way he compliments me when he sees what I’m wearing…

All that to say, we’re celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks by heading out of town for a weekend. Alone. Which means there will be a couple of evenings out, and I’m already thinking about them. When I saw this off the shoulder, ruffle sleeve sweater, I thought it was the perfect night out sweater. Classy. Fun. Chic.  All the same qualities that I looked for in a date night outfit twelve years ago….. something to feel comfortable and confident in. I love the classic white, the femininty the ruffles add, and the fact that it’s a lightweight sweater… no need for a jacket to cover up the best part…. I’m sure I’ll be packing items like this for our weekend away…..

A few other ruffle sweaters that I have my eye on include this grey option, with the cutest ruffles circling the shoulder, this pretty pink one, with ruffles on the shoulder and wrists, sleeveless sweater version (so classy), and this slouchy mauve colored one, with cascading ruffles down the sleeves.

{Outfit Details // Sweater (wearing XS) | Jeans | Mules | Sunglasses | Necklace | Initial Necklace | Bag (cheaper option here)}