Weekend Recap // Lessons Learned

{Grey skies all weekend}

Heading into the long weekend, we did’t have much planned. We had gone back and forth about heading out of town, and when we saw the weather forecast, decided we would play it by ear. So, when Sunday seemed to be the one clear day of the 3 days off, we decided to head to LA, visit the zoo, and enjoy a little R&R at a hotel we had been wanting to stay in……

The day started great. We headed out during Harper’s morning nap (she napped in the car) and when we pulled up to the zoo, she woke up and in we went…. then we moved onto lunch at Au Fudge…. and then it went downhill from there….

We arrived at the hotel slightly before check-in, hoping they would have our room ready so little miss could get in her afternoon nap (a critical one for an enjoyable evening…..). It wasn’t… but we were told it would be ready within 30 minutes. Which wouldn’t be too far past her nap time….. we took her out to the pool deck area, where it was happening with music and such… and chased her around for a little while (well away from the pool)….. and as we moved past nap time, things started to rapidly decline. First, the fussy screams. Then, the stiff back when we tried to pick her up. Then, the tired cries. Have I painted the scene clearly enough??? I patiently inquired as to when our room would be ready, since it was now 3:30 and check-in was at 3……… Well. Past. Nap Time.

When we arrived to the room at 3:50 we immediately put little miss down… but since it was so late in the day it was a short cat nap. Which, in hindsight, should have been the first indication that the plans we had for the evening should have been scratched…. Naive parents of a toddler that we were, we decided to hit the pool deck for a sunset happy hour cocktail, a little bit of music, and conversation.

Silly us. Let’s just say, I think we were a model for birth control for all the childless individuals at the pool (basically, everyone but us)….. We eventually got the hint (actually, quite quickly) scratched the plans, and headed in…. I texted my mom about my embarrassment and she simply responded (in a loving way of course) “Welcome to parenthood.” A rite of passage if you will. All that to say, we learned a few humorous lessons on this trip.

1. A meltdown at one of the trendiest LA hotels is grounds for being stared at…. a meltdown at a more family friendly hotel… say, The Marriott…. par for the course. Lesson learned.

2. Parenting hunches are usually right. Listen to them. Always.

3. Being able to laugh at the situation…. later of course….. makes the sting not as painful….

4. And, having a spouse who is right there with you makes it so much easier better…. especially when little miss goes down, you can cheers, with a glass of champagne, to making it through the day.

Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week ahead…. here’s to one filled with being open to learning new lessons. xx

{Woke up for an early morning Saturday run, and followed it up with this bowl of goodness from Cafe Gratitude}

{Our staycation began with a trip to the LA Zoo…. little miss loved the giraffes…. especially feeding them.}

{The shortest happy hour ever at The Mondrian}

{Morning snuggles with this little lady- lounge joggers/tank... so soft and cozy}

{Such a delicious way to end the weekend….}

{We can never leave LA without a stop….}

My sister recently purchased this cookbook, and I made a soup from it for dinner last night. So tasty. I’m also planning on making a veggie hash this coming week.

I’m heading back to LA with one of my girlfriends this coming weekend for a little girl time and have my eye on a few fun pieces…. I love this tunic fringe tank, as well as this flutter sleeve tee….. it’s supposed to be pretty chilly so I was considering this gorgeous blush/mauve bomber jacket with possibly this one shoulder tank…. We’re also taking a spin class in the morning, and I have my eye on this pullover  or this mesh one.

I also snagged this lightweight tunic over the weekend, and plan on wearing it as a layering option… likely tied in the front. Oh, and I noticed that one of my favorite crossover sleeveless sweaters was restocked in navy (I love navy for spring)! I also couldn’t resist these pink sneakers. So. Cute.

I’ve been doing some research for a few upcoming spring inspired posts and love this basic trench coat, linen beige sweater,  chambray slides, striped off the shoulder top, these camel colored slides, and this almond colored saddle bag (so classic)…..

Annnnd, as always I’m always searching for the best basics. I am obsessed with this cotton jumpsuit (would be so cute with a denim jacket and kicks), tie sleeve sweatshirt (comes in 4 color options, I like the grey), basic grey cardigan, and this deep v-neck camisole (comes in multiple colors too, a perfect layering option).