My Favorite Neutral Makeup Items

I’ve never been one for extreme make-up. I’ve been known to cry a few times after getting my makeup done for a high school dance (way to ruin it even more, right?) because it was a little too over the top for my taste…. I was the girl who put concealer on my lips to dampen the redness (wait, I still do that), and I’m always afraid of looking like a vampire when I try to do a “smoky eye.” All that being said, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about what works and what doesn’t. I’m by no stretch of the imagination a beauty expert…. but I would say that I know a thing or to about the “natural” look. I’ve always been of the mindset that 90% of the time makeup is there to enhance your natural features… and that looking like you’re not wearing any typically garners more compliments than when I’ve put a ton of effort into it. Go figure. So, today I thought I would share with you a few of my recent favorites in the neutral department, just in case you’re looking to mix a few new ones into your regular beauty routine.


 1. MAC Satin in VIVA GLAM II: When I finally graduated myself from lips that pretty much blended into my skin (so, pretty much looked like I had no lips at all) I opted for a hot pink (I believe the color was Pink Poodle… by MAC…. you get the picture….), because that would be a natural choice, right? Anyway, thankfully that’s over with (and has been for about 7 years….) I opted for more neutral lip shades…. a balance between completely bare and hot pink (again, balance, balance, balance….). As of late, this has been my go-to. Adds just the right amount of color to my face without going overboard.

2. Lip Pencil WHIRL: I’ve avoided lip liners for years. Yet, I’ve changed my mind recently and have concluded that, when done right, they can help plump up the lips. This color is neutral enough to pair with a lot of different shades (especially the last one mentioned here).

3. MAC Tinted Lipglass in MYTH: Again, another option that is neutral enough to pair with any shade. You can’t go wrong with it.

4. NARS lipstick ROSECLIFF: This has a little more pigment than Viva Glam, but it still adds a nice touch of color to my face. I love how smooth it is…. and there isn’t a taste to it (like so many MAC lipsticks have). I mentioned it in yesterday’s post too.

Cheeks + Eyes:

1. Laura Mercier WINTER BLOOM: I wanted a color in between Spiced Cider (my go-to for the cooler months) and Rose Petal (my favorite for summer)…. and Winter Bloom seemed to be the answer. I love Laura Mercier blushes…. they’re highly pigmented, so a little goes a long ways. This particular color pairs perfectly with the above mentioned lip colors too (I specifically requested that!).

2. Laura Mercier Eye Stick: I’ve been using these for a little over a year, and have shared them a few times before, but they’re worth mentioning again. I love Rose Gold and Sugar Frost as simple eye brightening shades. I put them in the corner of my eyes to look instantly more awake (I mean, why would I need that???….), and also love them as a brow highlighter. Sometimes all I use is a little bit of mascara and these colors and I’m out the door.

Nail Colors:

You can see that I wear these a lot… I mean, they have nail polish all over them. Regardless, they are my go-to shades. I love that they don’t clash with anything I am wearing, and the infinite shine products last much longer than regular polish… with an extra little bit of shine too. My favorite colors are OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Infinite Shine You’re Blushing Again (the color I am wearing here), OPI Infinite Shine It Never Ends, and OPI Infinite Shine Steel Waters Run Deep…. by the way, am I the only one who loves nail polish color names?? (ring)


  1. Vicky says:

    Love this post. I adore your style and look from head to toe!

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