Wellness Wednesday: Self Love

The running joke on my birthday (which coincides with the beginning of a New Year) was that 2017 was going to be “The Year Of Shannon….” (and we meant that in the lightest of ways possible…. no narcissistic intentions here). It all stemmed out of a conversation I had with my sister and TJ one day…. I had the realization that for the past 2 years of my life, so much was focused on getting pregnant (I had to change my diet {no dairy, no gluten, no sugar} and attend acupuncture regularly for 6 months), being pregnant (read: no sushi, no runny eggs, no wine amongst the few things….), and keeping a newborn alive (I don’t think I even need to expound here… but nursing isn’t easy….). At the end of 2016, I felt drained…. I was ready to have my body back. To myself. So, it jokingly came about that this would be “my” year…..

Yet, when I got to thinking, I wasn’t sure what that really meant… I mean, it’s not like I’m going to abandon all responsibility and throw caution to the wind. All of my girlfriends have little families too…. so it’s not like I’d have a partner in crime (well…… just kidding)…. So, as I got to thinking, what it all boiled down to was increasing the ways I show myself self love….

For me, self love has to come from internal validations, as opposed to external influences. It comes from knowing myself, my needs, and how to meet them on my own….. not relying on others to validate and fulfill them for me (that’s pretty much setting myself up for failure)….. For so long, a big part of who I was revealed around getting pregnant, carrying a baby, birthing a baby, and then sustaining life. I wouldn’t say I lost myself by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just that a lot of effort was focused into that facet of my life, that it took up a very large space….. I started to think about a lot of things I used to do… and then thought of the things I still do, and compiled a list of the ways I plan on showing myself love over the next year…. and, since it’s February 1… the month of love, if you will… why not kick it off by loving yourself too, right??

1. Activity: This is typically number one for me. Always. My reasons for being active have changed throughout the years, from the vain to the more practical… I want to feel good, look good, and be a healthy parent. Yet, I want to get back to the ways I used to be active… I (and TJ does too) have a road bike that I used to ride religiously (together with TJ we rode from Angel’s Stadium in Orange County to Oceanside…. a 65 mile bike ride) which had to be put away when I became pregnant (doctor’s orders…). I’m hoping to get back on it again this year, and while 65 miles might not be in the cards, I’d happily accept 30….. I want to resume my long hikes, long(er) runs, and finally complete that post-pregnancy half marathon I promised myself I’d do last year….

2. Connect: I’ve always been of the belief that having a handful of friends is much more valuable than a bunch of acquaintances. I like to invest in my relationships…. and this past year was definitely a challenge.  I feel so fortunate that pretty much all of my girlfriends either had a first baby, or grew their families, this year and we were all on the same page. Which pretty much meant automatic understanding and forgiveness (sorry it took me 2 weeks to return your text…..). Yet, this year, connecting is a priority. I feel so refreshed after a long chat with a girlfriend…. or a quick visit. First on the agenda this year? An evening away with one of my girlfriends…. location TBD, date is scheduled.

3. Small Self-Indulgences: I don’t mean anything monetary here. I’m talking about allowing myself to take a 20 minute bubble bath, actually finish the book I started back in May (not sure what made me think I’d actually finish it during the summer)…. allow myself a morning to sleep in (TJ offers it all the time and I come up with all the reasons I don’t have time for it….)….

4. Self-Forgiveness: I’m hard on myself. Sometimes not very nice. So, I think I saved the best for last. While the above mentioned ways are a priority, this one takes the cake. I just need to be nicer to myself, period. I think as women, we all do. One of my girlfriends posted a photo of a coffee mug her sister gave her. It read “World’s Most Okay-est Mom.” I literally laughed out loud. I’m not perfect. Don’t have to be perfect. Oh, and to laugh at myself… because if you can’t, then what’s the point of living, right??!

{Outfit Details // Leggings | Sweatshirt | Sneakers (run very big, I went down a 1/2 size) | Sunglasses}


  1. Vicky says:

    Love the leggings!! How do they run size wise!! Love all of ur posts. Ur so real❤Keep inspiring

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Hi Vicky- Thanks so much! I am wearing an XXS in the leggings… I find that zella sometimes runs a little on the bigger side, so I sized down and they fit perfectly. Hope that helps!!

  2. Yes to all of these! And your leggings are so cute!

  3. Autumn says:

    Thanks for being real!! I look forward to your posts everyday!

  4. Rachel says:

    Love the post. I find some of my real life girlfriends (who moved a bit further away and also have small children) are tough on me like we aren’t getting together because I’m a blogger (and do a lot of work at night when I put my kids down). I go out with girlfriends once a week instead of twice but I feel like it’s because of several life circumstances (mostly non sleeping children). Do you find your home girls can be haters of your blog life?
    Anyway – yes I also made a goal to stop nursing soon and exercise more. hope we both stick to it. Xo