My 5 Tips For Successful On-line Shopping + A Favorite Faux Wrap Sweater

When I went wedding dress shopping, I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted. I had done so much research ahead of time, that when I got to the bridal salon I showed them the exact photo of the dress I wanted and fell in love (of course, I had to try on a few different options….. just to be sure). At the end of the appointment the consultant asked if I did a lot of on-line shopping…. I said it was my middle name…. and she said she assumed so since I already knew what I wanted/what would look good (and what would definitely not look good…. me and the mermaid gown were not going to be bffs). Annnnd, since little miss was born, on-line shopping could just be my first name. So, today I thought I would share a few tips I have to efficiently, and effectively, make those on-line purchases, while minimizing trips to the mall for returns…..

1. Take Inventory Of Your Closet: I don’t deviate much from what I already own. I know what I love and tend to stick with it, just incorporating small variances… which enables me to filter through certain items. I’ve never met a loose fitting cardigan that wasn’t my friend…. and slouchy sweaters and I are inseparable…. which is why I knew that this simple faux wrap front sweater would fit nicely in my closet (and why I own two of these sweaters… black and white….) . I can wear it alone with my favorite bralette peaking out, or layered with one of my go-to thermal tops (which I own in 3 colors…. I told you I stick with what I know…). I know what colors tend to look best with my hair and skin tone…. based on what I already have in my closet… and when I look at my shoe collection, it’s become quite obvious (I used to buy heels all the time… now my sneaker collection has drastically out numbered them….) what will get the most use (like these new sneakers).

2. Read Fit/Measurements On Items: I rarely make a purchase without looking at this little section. I’m short (5’2 on a good day, 5’1 on a “let’s be honest” day….) so how it looks on the model is typically (as in, 95% of the time) not how it will look on me. I literally take out a measuring tape and take it to my body. I measure the length of the top, sleeves, and I’ve been known to measure the circumference of my head to get the perfect fit on a hat. Ever since I have started doing this, I have been much happier with my purchases.

3. Stick With Retailers Who Have Flexible Returns/Good Shipping Options: Who wants to receive a package and then decide within 14 days if it works for them…. I mean, sometimes when I receive a package it sits unopened for the first 3 days (#momlife). So, I’ve narrowed down my favorite retailers with the most generous shipping/return policies. My favorites are Nordstrom (obviously, I think everyone can agree here), Shopbop (although, they do have a 30 day return window…. not as generous as I’d like… but still, free shipping and returns…. and if you’re an Amazon prime member, then free 2-day shipping.), Revolve Clothing (if you’re in the CA area, these packages typically arrive within a day or two… free shipping+ returns… and their return window is 30 days….), Free People (it’s free shipping over $100, not great, but better than paying, and you can return in store within 30 days….), and  Anthropologie (while I’m not a huge fan that you have to pay for shipping, I love their return policy and they have so many great options that are available on-line only… it’s a give and take.).

4. Buy Online/Pick-Up In Store: My favorite! Nordstrom + Anthropologie both offer this service, and it’s ah-mazing. Nordstrom offers curbside delivery…. basically pull up and they’ll bring it out to you (I probably abuse this service….) and Anthropologie has it all ready for you up at the register. Insert praying emoji here!!

5. Read Reviews: I love reviews where the person leaves their height/weight and leaves the size they purchased…. even if the person doesn’t have my exact measurements, I can typically figure out what size to order. I also like to know if people thought the quality was good (although, I’m reasonable here depending on price point) and how it lasted after a wash… usually provides some good insight into the type of product I’ll be receiving. But, I also try to keep an open mind. If there are one or two reviews mentioning something negative and loads of positive reviews…. I usually make the purchase.

So, there you have it. Happy on-line perusing!

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