2016: A Year In Review

{The first outing we ever took with Harper…. I remember how nervous we were!}

It’s hard for me to believe that this year is actually coming to an end in a mere 3 days. 2016 was filled with so many transitions, highs and lows, adjustments, and amazing memories. To think I began the year eagerly awaiting the arrival of little miss, and am now closing out the year with an almost one year old is a firm reminder to me of how fast life flies by(at the risk of sounding cliche…. but it’s so true). While I plan on doing a “year in review” with Harper’s first birthday, I thought I would share a quick review of some of my favorite posts/memories from this past year. I feel so blessed to have had every experience of this year…. regardless of the emotion is invoked…. there were nights that I spent crying, feeling like I wasn’t meant to be a mom…. as if I didn’t know what I was doing…. and then moments where I felt on top of the world…. we had so many fun trips…. and worked through the changes of having a little one in tow…. bonds were strengthened with friends over becoming new moms, and in the same token, time became more valuable….. I saw an amazing side of TJ, that of a father, and we made some pretty big life decisions.

With all that, I’m looking forward to the coming year… watching Harper grow, seeing what the life changes bring to our family, and just watching the year evolve. I have some ideas for the blog as well, and would love to hear your feedback… I’ve received e-mails from people mentioning they would love to see some more fitness posts…. others motherhood…. and some requested more fashion. I plan on continuing with everything I’ve done over the past 4 years…. but thought about adding a few different series:

Tea Talk (since I don’t drink coffee….): Ask me any of your questions, I’ll answer them in a post
Fitness Videos: I just started these towards the end of the year, but would love to continue to incorporate them if you all like them (working out with baby, post Christmas workout)
Weekend Sales/Deals (this would go out Saturday or Sunday)

If you have any further ideas for posts in the coming year, please always feel free to e-mail me! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of 2016…. a fun evening ringing it in… and an even better start to 2017! I’ll see you in the New Year friends! xx

{This was actually one of my favorite outfits when I was pregnant…. and was one of the very last pregnancy posts I did…. (cardigan, flats, similar jeans, similar top}

{Our first getaway as a family of 3 to Los Olivos….}

{I loved sharing how I find work (out)-life balance with Anthropologie (my post here), and in the process found a favorite pair of leggings (!!!)}

{I loved sharing my fitness journey, and post-baby body struggles, in this post… and then sharing my favorite at home workout videos… both posts spurred my Wellness Wednesday series, which I plan on continuing into 2017.}

{The “Rice Cakes, 5 Ways,” was by far one of the most popular food posts of the year….}

{Our family trip to Napa was the first time we took Harper on a plane…. we were so nervous for the 1 hour flight….and so proud of ourselves when it was over!}

{This was one of my all time favorite outfits of the year…. I loved the statement earrings (currently on SALE!), and my jacket was one of my favorite finds from Forever 21 (sadly, no longer available!)….}

{I made a pretty big life change….}

{And shared what my mom taught me about style}

{Being able to make cocktails with healthy twists again was for sure a highlight for me in 2016… (similar top)}

{Hands down, one of my favorite dresses of the summer}

{My favorite beauty smoothie, that I still drink weekly!}

{Our Hawaii trip was incredibly special to my entire family…}

{Shared my thoughts as to why I was no longer doing BBG….}

{Annnnd, a recipe for a refreshing, lighter, margarita (is it margarita season yet??!)

{Provided a few tips on how I stay motivated, as well as an amazing treadmill workout…. this wrap top was one of the most popular items of 2016…. and IT’S BACK (just in a different color).}

{My guide on how to get soft waves…. and the products I use…}

{I shared “How I ‘meal plan‘ For The Week…” and it was one of the most viewed posts…. (leggings, sports bra (sold out)}

{Harper’s bedtime routine was another popular post…. and one I loved taking pictures for….}

{Shared my DIY for the step-hem and distressing jeans….}

{An extended weekend trip for our first visit to Boston…. TJ ended up accepting a new job based out there (but we’re still in CA), so it was fun to have the whole family there to support him during the interview process.}

{Shared the softest sweater I own}

{Annnnd, a few tips on traveling with a baby….}

{My all time favorite motto jacket + pullover combo (here)}

{My all time favorite pink cardigan (sadly, sold out) and how to add feminine touches to any outfit….}

{Our Deer Valley trip was an incredibly special trip for us all!}

{Ok, so, I have two favorite sweaters of the season….. (post here}

{A delicious dairy free chia seed pudding recipe….}

{Tasty festive cocktail…}

{My favorite shoot with little miss to date (oh, and this one too) (plaid top)}

{The ultimate running errands/travel outfitcozy joggers + oversized cardi}


  1. Christina says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog posts I look forward to reading them everyday! I myself am a new mom as well to a 16 month old now and had this misconception that as soon as I walked out of the hospital I would be able to put all my jcrew clothes back on ( I was a jcrew finatic) when reality hit my depression over my body came with it. Seeing the outfits you put together and your blog posts helped me realize I can still get dressed and make it functional for having a baby ! I truely appreciate it and look forward to reading your blog for 2017 thank you happy new year

  2. chelseajacobs says:

    So fun seeing all of your firsts with your babe! This was my first year with a baby too!

  3. Vicky says:

    I am 31 and my hubby and I have decided to try and start a family of our own. I enjoy the realness of your posts-the highs and lows that go along with motherhood. Raw and real are what I enjoy so much in this overly perfect social media world…even though you yourself always look so perfect and gorgeous! You really mix great content. I love your fashion posts, HAIR posts *goals*, fitness/nutrition/beauty and motherhood/date night. I think you do so well at mixing content. I do have a question bc I am utterly obsessed with your hair. In these photos with the ombre, what cut did you ask your stylist to do? I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for your blog-only blog I really follow! XOXOOX

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