The Best Accessories For Any Occassion: Birthday…. NYE… Everyday…..

Every year I typically suffer from that post-Christmas hangover…. no, not from the annual red wine tasting our family engages in at Christmas dinner…. but more of an emotional hangover if you will. I love how festive people and places are, the growing anticipation, the merriment, and the traditions…. that when it ends, I’m often left with a little tinge of sadness. I delay taking down Christmas decorations (although, this year, I’m eager to take them down… one less thing for little miss to get into….), might play a Christmas song one day too long, and might still be snacking on Christmas cookies….

Yet, with my birthday being a mere 5 days after Christmas, and New Years the day after, I equate those two with the hair of the dog…. they ease the pain that Christmas is officially over for another 365 days…. and turn the attention to other festivities…

With that, we do have some fun plans for my birthday and NY (you can read about our low-key New Year’s plans here) which have me pretty excited! Tj and I will be heading up to LA for the evening the night before my birthday for a small celebration, just the two of us (Harper will be having a sleep over with her Aunty!). Then, we will reunite with my family the next evening for a mellow evening of homemade pizza (it’s something we started last year, and I’m kind of loving it)…. So, as I prepare for our adult-only dinner (and by that, I mean heading out to dinner at 6:30pm…. not 5:30pm….) I’m thinking about what I might want to wear, and am turning to my current wardrobe favorites…. dressed up with some new favorite accessories…. which will also be perfect for the New Year’s celebration…. as well as perfect options for dressing up everyday basics. The first look is one of my favorites. A simple cami (this is the cream color, but it’s more gold in person) and an oversized cardigan are always a favorite pairing…. simply topping them with dainty gold necklaces creates texture and dresses it up a bit. I opted to layer my new favorite initial necklace (a gift from TJ for Christmas….) with a hammered choker, and a detailed gold lariat.

{Details || Cami | Cardigan | Choker (c/o) (I also own and love the dainty option, and also purchased it as a gift for my sister… it’s on sale too!) | Initial Necklace | Gold Lariat}

A second look I am considering is pairing my all time favorite sweater with a statement pair of earrings…. which I snagged before Christmas with the intention of wearing them throughout the holidays. Yet, I also think they are a gorgeous option to dress up a basic outfit on a daily basis (assuming they don’t get pulled off by little miss…)….

{Details || Sweater | Earrings (currently on sale for $20)}

And, lastly, a simple gold cuff and a dainty thumb ring are an excellent subtle option if you tend to be a little more on the minimalistic side. I love how a gold cuff pairs with a chunky sweater when the hem of the sweater hits the edge of the bangle…. it’s the perfect juxtaposition. I’ve owned this cuff (smaller version) for a couple of years, but I also think the details on this option are gorgeous!

{Details || Sweater | Cuff | Ring}