Wellness Wednesday: Post Christmas Circuit Workout For The Bum

My Christmas Day menu looks something like this: Cinnamon rolls, bacon, and an egg casserole (with some hot coco) for breakfast….. delicious appetizers midday….. and then champagne, wine, prime rib, stuffing, rolls, some kind of veggies, more starch… then pie for dessert. Indulgent? Um, yes. Worth it? Totally…. it’s Christmas… I wait 365 days for this holiday, I’m going to enjoy it one bite at a time. Then, the next day, I’m planning on putting my new favorite stretchy pants on and completing this 28 minute circuit workout…. to get my bum back on track.

This workout is one of my recent favorites. It only requires a chair (or step… I used a bench since I was at the gym filming this), weights (I used 5 pounds during this workout), and a little bit of space. You can do it at home, at the gym, or outside. No excuses for this one. Trust me, you’ll thank me when you’re done (or hate me….).

There are two separate circuits to complete, with both videos below. Do each move in the circuit as many times as you can in 7 minutes, then move onto the next circuit. Repeat it twice, and you have a killer 28 minute workout. Annnnd, in case you’re looking for the outfit details from this post, or some last minute gift ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life, see below (and items ordered this morning should arrive by 12/24).

{Outfit Details || High Waisted Leggings (wearing XS) | Tank (wearing XS) | Shoes}

So, if you have someone who just loves going to spin, boot camp, yoga, pilates, or for a long run then I have just the items for them! A few accessories that I added to my list include this amazing gym bag, gold water bottleperforated baseball cap (actually snagged this for myself last weekend… for those no-wash hair days), and this yoga mat, which has such a fab design.


If you’re looking to give (or invest in a few pieces yourself) some apparel, I love these mesh leggings, sleeveless hoodie (perfect to transition from workout to lunch…), mixed media cropped leggings, and this incredibly cozy sweater jacket (I personally own this one).

And, if none of those seem right, I suggest an experience… maybe a set of classes at someone’s favorite yoga or spin studio. Or, possibly sponsoring someone to run a half marathon (or even a full!). Either way you go, you’re sure to give them something they’ll love!