Weekend Recap // 7 More Wake-Ups

{Finally found fall…. at the start of winter….}

Growing up, we always counted down the days until a special event by noting how many more
“wake-ups” we had left…. and the fact that we have 7 until Christmas arrives is just crazy. I started the season with great intention…. beautiful Christmas cards (yeah, I’m ordering them after I write this and they’re going to end up being New Year’s cards….), watching every Christmas movie out there (I’d say I’m faring okay in this category), making hot coco every chance I could (I’m not doing well here….), and taking Harper to see Santa several times (we were lucky we got the one in…..). Needless to say, despite my lack of success in some areas, I am in the full holiday spirit…..

We took in Christmas lights on Friday evening, enjoyed a festive day with friends on Saturday, and, as we embark upon this week, have a few movie date nights planned (have to complete that Christmas movie list…). I love this week…. the anticipation that grows as we prepare to celebrate, and new traditions we will try with little miss. So, with that, I hope you have a wonderful week, filled with growing anticipation!

{Bundled up to see the Christmas lights…. (leggings, wrap, beanie}

{Love a little humor in the lights…. Pine Street in Orange has the cutest lights!}

{New favorite Komboocha flavor….}

{It’s healthy when it has butternut squash + kale on it…. with a side of komboocha…. right??}

{Well, despite the mug shot look on little miss’ face…. I’ll consider this a win!}

{Lunch with good friends, a little shopping, and some fun family time…. (my sweater, scarf, booties)}

{Sunday morning was cold… an excuse to wear my favorite mittens}

{I’ve never met a piece of weekend wear that I didn’t love…. sneakers, cardigan, leggings, beanie}

If you’re looking for a yummy Christmas morning treat, these cinnamon rolls have been a favorite in our house for as long as I can remember. I might be hosting a Christmas Eve morning breakfast, and if I do am considering making my favorite oatmeal bake…. and an egg casserole (still looking to perfect that one….).

If you’re looking for a few last minute gifts you can check out my gift guides for the woman, man, and kiddo in your life!… I’ve also purchased some of my favorite facial products from TULA for a few family members (you can get 25% off + free shipping with code shannonholiday25)….

I was at the mall this past weekend, and stopped by Madewell for a few small gifts. They’re actually currently offering 25% off, and I always think their pieces are so effortless and timeless. I picked up this casual black jacket (surprisingly, I don’t have a black jacket….) and this lace up white hoodie. I also think this draw-coard cowl sweater is incredibly soft… and would make an excellent gift for anyone!

…. and at lunch this weekend, I was chatting with my girlfriend (who has a 5 month old babe), and we were laughing about that post-preggo bod. I mentioned that I needed some new jeans, and TJ mentioned he wasn’t done shopping for me (…..) and to send some ideas over. I sent him this high waisted distressed pair (that I’ve read great reviews of) and this high waisted cropped option….

My birthday is 5 days after Christmas, so before Christmas is over, I get asked what I want for my birthday…. a few items on my wishlist (which would all make excellent gift options, if you’re still looking) include this beautiful off the shoulder ruffle top, lace-up sleeve sweater, this gorgeous black hat, annnnd, my splurge suggestion, a pair of these kicks. I am also obsessed with the “slash” trend and have my eye on this sweater and this white tank…. great basics with a twist.

A few last minute purchases for gifts include this pullover for TJ (comes in so many great color options), this cozy jacket for my sister (girl loves anything and everything soft), and these loafers for my mom (she bought me these in grey, and we decided we would share since we love both pair…. haha!).


  1. @aimeeelkman says:

    Great post! The funniest thing…I love reading your posts in my inbox every morning after all of my three kids go to school. You could says it’s my itsy bitsy indulgence. Love love love your style, your thoughts on fitness and health, and I own so many of the same things you post! You are by far my favorite blogger. What’s funny is you just mentioned your birthday, and mine is the same day! I knew I liked you for a reason. Anyway, I never reply or comment but just thought I’d share that. Happy holidays from Dallas!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I truly appreciate them, as well as your support! I hope you have a wonderful birthday this year!!…. those of us wedged between Christmas and NY have to stick together!! Best! xx