Christmas Gift Guide For The Woman In Your Life (Or Some Ideas For Your List)

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I’m definitely not a last minute person. I don’t like the feeling of rushing around… and that has always applied to my Christmas gift shopping as well. I typically start generating and asking for ideas a little before Thanksgiving, and start making purchases around this time…. and can usually count on wrapping up my shopping within the first two weeks of December. I feel that it allows me ample time to wrap the gifts, and then enjoy all the other festivities of the season. Given that getting to the mall is slightly more difficult this year, I’ve pretty much decided that 99% of my shopping will be on-line. It’s easy, no battling the crowds, an excellent selection, and I can easily do it all while little miss naps. Not sure why I’d even consider stepping foot in the mall…

So, if you’re like me, and looking to complete your shopping on-line, I have you covered with today’s curated gift guide for the woman in your life. Be it a sister, mom, friends, grandma, aunt… or even if you’re looking to give that certain someone a few ideas, I’ve rounded up my favorite picks for this year. There are several different categories, with a couple different options in each. I have also included a “splurge” + “budget friendly” option within each category. Happy shopping!!

1. Scarves: This is pretty much a great option for anyone… the grandmother who loves matching all her accessories to her outfit, the super chic girlfriend, or even that “secret santa gift,” either way, it’s a safe bet. One of my favorites includes this brushed fringe option (which I own and recently recommended to a friend who asked for some gifting advice)… it comes in so many different color options you’re sure to find the right one for the lady on your list. Plus, it’s super soft. I also love this pom pom option and this light blue + grey, ombré-esque one.

2. Mittens: Another perfect option. No matter where you live (okay, tropical islands aside) you can use a pair of gloves…. whether that be in the chilly mornings (even if the afternoons get a little warmer) or throughout the day during a rain/snow storm. I recently purchased this cable knit pair in grey (for myself and a friend). Buuuut, I think this light pink feathered pair is absolutely beautiful. Recommended for that friend who loves to have a little fun with her outfits…. or just likes to have a statement piece here and there. Both of these would also make excellent stocking stuffers (hint to TJ on that adorable fringed pair). Looking for an option that’s a little more refined? Try these cashmere convertible mittens.


3. Jewelry: Somehow this ends up on my list every year. This necklace made its way to the top of my wish-list when I spotted it on instagram. I am in love with how dainty it is and love the personalization factor. I’m hoping for a rose gold chain with an A + H (TJ’s name is actually Anthony…). If you’re looking for an idea for yourself, I highly recommend… or if you’re looking for a daughter, she’ll love it! If you’re looking for something not as personal, I think this gold choker necklace is gorgeous. It’s subtle + can we worn two ways, so it’s kind of like a 2-for-1 gift. I also think that these drusy studd earrings are a gorgeous option for a friend or sister…. Or, if something to hold their jewelry in is a better option, this trinket dish is a perfect option.

4. Cozy Pieces:  In all likelihood, the next few months are going to be fairly cold for most of the country… so, who would’t want something cozy to come home to after a loooong day of work… or to simply relax in on the weekends? This robe, which comes in so many gorgeous color options, looks like the most perfect piece to sip a little hot coco (or wine) in. These slippers go perfectly with said robe, or as an uber cozy gift on their own. They’re pretty much perfect for anyone. I also think this cable knit pair is an excellent choice, at an even better price. Another cozy option is always a cashmere sweater. This gorgeous sweater is a great choice for the luxe lover in your life.


5. Handbags + Sunglasses: Always a good choice for yourself or someone you’re looking to spend a little more on (although, I’ve included a few budget friendly options too). If you’re looking to splurge, this black leather braided cross body bag is gorgeous. These gold aviators are gorgeous as well, and reasonably priced. I also think this saddle bag, which comes in several color options, is beautiful…. and this tote bag is an excellent option for that girl who is always on the go. I have also given this cute credit card case several times with success!


6. Beauty: If you have someone in your life, and I think we all do, who is #obsessed with all things beauty then I think this curling wand is an excellent option (I personally own it and it’s fantastic). If that same person is also an avid traveler, then I recommend this hairdryer/straightener set… incredibly lightweight, easy to pack, and of excellent quality. Also, if you know someone who loves luxurious facial products, I highly recommend all things TULA…. especially the overnight cream and under eye cream. They are currently offering readers 25% off + free shipping if you use code shannonholiday25 until 12/31. A few smaller options include this travel manicure set or this cloth make-up remover (it’s pretty neat!!).

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