High Waisted… What Gives?

marigold sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

Before I had Harper, I wondered what the post-pregnancy body would be like… everyone had an opinion… some more positive than others…. yet, when she popped out (that’s putting it nicely) and the little bump went away, it was a little big shock. Gone was the little protrusion that fit so nicely into my favorite bodycon dress throughout pregnancy. It had been replaced with a trampoline of sorts… kinda firm (I think I felt an ab….), but mostly jiggly and bouncy (hey, I’m just being honest…).  I remember when I could finally button up my favorite pair of white jeans at 6 weeks postpartum I had a tiny party in my head (well, actually, there were text messages to my mom with the little celebration emoji…)…..

Yet, it took a little longer to button up those high waisted beauties I had come to love during my pre-pregnancy years. I swore by high waisted leggings immediately after (they smoothed things out if you will…), but I was dying to get back into those jeans. As the weeks went on, I got closer and closer to closing the gap (literally) between button and buttonhole. When that day game, it was a total game changer.

You see, for this momma, they’re a dream come true… they pretty much hide any resemblance of a muffin top and allow me to wear shirts that would be far too short with those low ridding, hip hugging jeans. My girlfriend and I laughed about this fact, as our hubbies watched the babes, and we sipped some rosé up in Ojai… our post-bébé bods crave the slimming nature of those high waist lines… without looking too much like we’re rocking those mom jeans from the 80’s (Lord help me!). So, what gives?? Nothing, in fact, when you’re killing it in the perfect pair of high waisted jeans (the ones I am wearing today… and pretty much everyday are my all time fav, but this black pair has been a fav for years too)….

And, on a completely unrelated note…. I’m loving marigold this season (as evidenced by this dress I wore a while back). Since we don’t get traditional fall colors out here in Cali, I just make my wardrobe hues shift with the seasons…. hence all the pinot, rust, and now, marigold. A few other favorites in this color include this bell sleeved, deep v neck sweater, as well as this v-neck knit sweater. I own this top in a deep teal, but love it in the marigold shade…. I also think this casual long sleeve tee is perfect for a day of errands.


{Outfit Details || Sweater (c/o) | Jeans (DIY) | Boots (currently on sale!!) | Necklace | Sunglasses | Purse, similar option here}

marigold chunky knit, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold chunky knit, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold chunky knit, itsy bitsy indulgences


calf high slouchy booties, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold chunky knot, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold chunky knit, itsy bitsy indulgences

marigold chunky knit, itsy bitsy indulgences

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