3 Easy Hair Styles For Those Dirty Hair Days

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A few years ago, I used to be vigilant about washing my hair every other day (the schedule went Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)… when I started coloring my hair, I extended those washes to every 3 days or so…. and then when little miss arrived any sort of schedule pretty much went out the window. Some weeks it was every 3 days and, as of late, I’ve been stretching my did-it-myself blow-outs to 6-7 days (I debated whether or not to admit that).. something that I never would have allowed a few years ago. Yet, sometimes I find that simply touching up my blow-out and using a little dry shampoo is much easier than giving myself an all new wash + blow-out. Annnnd, I’ve been experimenting with different styles as of late… for those days when I know I’m stretching it juuuuuust a little too much.

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To start, I typically brush through my hair and see how the few-day-old curls settle. After a few minutes I examine. Which pieces don’t need to be touched (i.e. they are just how I want them) and which pieces can use a little heat and curl? Then I take those specific pieces and wrap them around my T3 wand (curling tutorial here). I recently started using the T3 wand and I absolutely love the curls that it creates. It’s easy to use, well made, and I love the different barrel options that come with it. So, I know I do this a little backwards, but after I’ve touched up the pieces, I use a little bit of this dry shampoo to freshen my roots up and give it some volume (it doesn’t dry my hair out and smells amazing). After, I decide what I’m in the mood for…. and the past few months I’ve been bouncing between three different style options on days 4, 5, and 6 of dirt-a hair.

The first is a simple braided option. I take about a two inch section of hair, from each side, and do a regular dutch braid. Then I pull at the sides of the braid to make it slightly bigger and messier. I complete this on both sides and tie them with these clear bands. Then I pull the braids back, just over the ears, cross them over in the back, and secure with a bobby pin. I then loop the extra hair under the opposite braid and secure with a bobby pin.

3 easy hairstyles for dirty hair days, itsy bitsy indulgences

3 easy hairstyles for dirty hair days, itsy bitsy indulgences

The second builds on the first option. If you leave the braids in overnight, you can simply remove the rubber bands. If you took the braids out, simply follow the beginning instructions of the first style. Then, grab all of your hair as if you are going to put it in a low pony and include the braids. Then, secure with a rubber band and wrap a strand of hair around the band to conceal it. Easy, right?

3 easy hairstyles for dirty hair days, itsy bitsy indulgences

The last one has quickly become my favorite. Some love it, some hate it… but don’t knock it until you try it. For this option, I take my thumbs at 11 o’clock + 1 o’clock areas of my temple. I then slide them back to the crown of my head, gathering hair as I go. Once I have all the hair, I grab a little more from the back and sides, depending on how thick I want it. Next, I tease some of the areas to give it a little extra volume and a messier feel. I use a rubber band to make a messy bun right at the crown. Then, I just use bobby pins to secure all the loose hair at various spots around the bun… or, if the bun ends up being tighter, I pull hair out and use bobby pins to secure those pieces. It’s supposed to be messy, so I try not to put much time into it… the more I do, the worse it ends up looking… go figure. I don’t use hair spray because my hair is usually dirty enough to hold.

3 easy hairstyles for dirty hair days, itsy bitsy indulgences

3 easy hairstyles for dirty hair days, itsy bitsy indulgences

That’s it! I always think that beauty and getting ready doesn’t have to be difficult, so I hope that these easy hair styles can give you a little inspiration if you’re looking for it (glowing skin tutorial here)!

I hope you all have a great weekend! We’re heading up to Ojai with one of my oldest friends and her little family. I’m so excited to just hang out, go on some hikes, eat some yummy food, sip a little vino (duh), and connect with friends over good conversation. You can follow along on instagram + instagram stories if you want!

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