Packing Up For Little Miss


One of my favorite parts about visiting Boston was that TJ nor I had ever been before.  It was new for us both,and Harper too, which made it all the more exciting. We did a little bit of research before we left, and had a few restaurants we wanted to visit, as well as a couple of sites we didn’t want to miss. When it came time for packing, I knew I wanted to bring my favorite basics, that were lightweight and could be layered based on the day’s weather…. which is exactly how I decided I would pack for Harper.

While we were there, the weather vacillated between sunny and warm, to stormy and cool…. all within the same day. On this particular day, the morning began overcast so I bundled her up in these super soft pants, the dress, and a cozy sweater. Once the storm passed (which we completely got caught in) and the clouds broke, the pants came off and she was ready for the rest of the day. Right before dinner that evening, we decided to take a stroll down the river and take in the Boston views from Cambridge. It was a spectacular evening and Harper was all smiles as she watched people walk along the boardwalk and the wind blew in her face.

 I always give careful thought and consideration as to what I am going to pack for Harper. Before this trip, I decided that since we were moving into fall, I would purchase some new items for her (hey, if I’m going to buy myself some pieces she should get in on the action too!!). When I stumbled across this super soft polka dot dress I knew it would be a perfect piece to pack. I also opted for this little bell sleeve tunic and pants set, as well as these super soft jogger pants (for the plane ride… we all have to be comfortable, right?). The Splendid line is one of my personal favorites, and so I knew that the quality and softness of the fabrics would be perfect for her baby skin. I also think these stripe leggings are adorable, as well as this indigo dyed dress. For all you boy mommas out there, how cute is this striped one piece, these cozy joggers, and this striped tee and pant set? I also wanted to keep her toes warm, so I snagged a new pair of converse for her (her previous pair can be seen here). I love the converse line in mini sizes…  they’re too cute and I recently bought this pair (in navy) for my girlfriend who is expecting her little dude any day now.


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splendid baby girl dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

splendid baby dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

boston skyline, itsy bitsy indulgences

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baby converse, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby fashion, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby fashion, itsy bitsy indulgences

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baby girl style, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby girl style, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby style, itsy bitsy indulgences

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