Little Miss + My Favorite Baby Items (Fashion + Products)


A few weeks before Harper was born, a multitude of worries began to surface. One of those concerns was whether or not I had everything I needed for her. I had done my due diligence with my registry. I asked my friends and read the product reviews. Yet, I was never 100% certain that what I was getting was something that was something that Harper would like. So, I waited. I waited for her to arrive. To see if the items I had would make the transition to mommy-hood easier for myself, TJ, and Harper. After about 8 months, I’ve learned from Harper what she likes most… the items that soothe her tears, those that make her giggle, the ones that keep her safe and comfortable at the same time, and those that help her look cute as a button. So, I thought I would share them with you today!

1. Peek Clothes: This is one of my all time favorite brands for little miss. They have the cutest prints, softest fabrics, are so well made, and she never fights me when I put them on her. I picked up this cute off the shoulder floral top and bloomers combo for the end of summer temperatures, and the little cardigan for those cooler evenings and fall days. Other items I’m currently loving from the line include this simple little dress (such a great price and very versatile), these adorable sweatpants (like, can they come in my size please?), cute floral leggings and matching dress, and this peplum tunic (so stinkin’ cute). Since all my friends are having, or had, little dudes in the past couple of months, I peeked at the boy’s line too…. and love these little arrow pants (I actually have these in pink for Harper), striped sweater, micro print pants in grey + white, and this thermal top (this one too).

2. Transportation: Getting little miss from one point to another is always an experience. From making sure I have everything together, to ensuring her safety, it’s an area where I spend a lot of mental effort. My favorite stroller for her is the UPPABaby Vista (can’t beat the storage) and we love the Nuna carseat (compared to others I’ve picked up, it was one of the lightest). Each time I place her in the carseat, or stroller, I know that she will be safe and protected… and she loves bopping along in the stroller!

3. Bath time: Hands down, by far and away, Harper loves her moby the whale tub. She wasn’t a fan of bath time until this little sucker came along… and now it is one of her favorite parts of the evening.

4. Moccasins: My favorite piece to put on Harper is always her shoes… and 99% of the time we reach for these moccasins. They’re one of the only pairs she doesn’t try to kick, or pull, off. They’re so soft on her little feet too. I’m loving this tribal print option for fall, and for my friends who just had boys, I purchased this navy pair, as well as this striped mint pair.

5. Pajamas: For a little while, after we stopped swaddling Harper, we weren’t sure how to keep her warm without using blankets (#FirstTimeParentStruggles). I stumbled across these footie pajamas and they were a game changer. They are cozy and just the right temperature throughout the evening…. and they come in the cutest prints. We own 4 of them for her (little boy options here).

6. Teething: Girlfriend will stick anything and everything into her mouth to get a little bit of relief…. but her favorites include Sophie the Giraffe, this little butterfly teether, and these chew beads (which I guess are more of a fashion statement for me…). I also use this bib to keep her dry and as a teether (it’s also super cute!).

All of these items are some of my favorites for little miss- they are well made, safe, and they make her happy. A trifecta I think any mom can get behind!


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baby style, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall baby style, itsy bitsy indulgences


fall baby style, itsy bitsy indulgences

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baby fashion, itsy bitsy indulgences

baby fashion, itsy bitsy indulgences

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