Weekend Recap: How To Make The Week More Weekend-esq

itsy bitsy indulgences {How is it possible that little miss is 7 months??! (Dress)}

Well, that went fast. I always wonder why the weekends go so quickly and the weeks seem to last forever. Maybe it’s because what they say about time flying when you’re having fun holds merit. TJ and I like to call ourselves the “weekend warriors.” As in, we live for it, and take advantage of every second…. which is likely why I am left with that “what the heck, it was just Friday evening yesterday” feeling every Sunday night. Yet, this week, I am determined to incorporate small “weekend” moments into the Monday-Friday grind. What do I mean you ask (okay, maybe you’re not asking, but I’m going to tell you anyway)? Well, I guess there are some small things that we do differently on the weekend that could happen more during the work week. Over dinner we go to chatting about this and came up with the following list:

1. Head out to a mid-week dinner or pressed juicery run
2. Have one movie night together
3. Try to have a mid-week lunch date
4. Have a themed dinner and cook it together
5. Mid week sit down together and plan out a fun adventure for the weekend
6. Enjoy dinner al fresco (for some reason that’s something we typically only do on the weekend….)

So, here is to a week where we take small steps to make it weekend-esq…. I’ll keep you posted and would love to know your tips and tricks too! Have a great one friends!

itsy bitsy indulgences {New favorite Kombucha}

outpost kitchen, itsy bitsy indulgences{Morning run immediately followed by breakfast at a new spot- Outpost Kitchen}

pressed juicery freeze, itsy bitsy indulgences {My weekend really wouldn’t be complete without a little Pressed Freeze}

itsy bitsy indulgences {New summer slides}

 While this weekend was not as indulgent as those in the past, I still always look forward to getting back to an eating and fitness routine. I’m hoping to whip up a few of these superfood bowls, which I absolutely love for lunch!

As I wrote over the weekend, I always find this time of year to be transitional. So, I’m always looking for items that I can wear throughout the end of summer and the beginning of fall (if California gets a fall this year…). That being said, I’m loving sweaters of all types. I especially love this grapefruit color cardigan (absolutely perfect for margarita sipping), this simple striped sweater (in white and tan), this sleeveless option (in the prettiest blue color), a slouchy v-neck sweater, this bell sleeve beauty, and a longline tank  cardigan (perfect to pair over shorts). Another layering piece I am loving, and recently purchased, is this suede vest… love it with a tank, or over this long sleeve blouse in the fall.

I also think dresses are a perfect transitional piece. Wear them with sandals and a straw hat during the summer and then over the knee boots and a felt fedora in the fall. I am particularly loving the rich colors and floral prints. I love this little mini dress (well, not that mini) or this maxi floral print dress in turquoise  is absolutely stunning (would love pairing it with a suede or leather jacket). I think this floral top would be perfect with denim shorts or jeans, and this embroidered long sleeve tunic in deep navy is stunning. I also love this floral print tee and this white embroidered tunic.

A few basics that I think will transition perfectly include this simple black cotton romper that I bought (and plan on wearing with a suede jacket in the fall). This flutter back tee is a great alternative to a basic one, and I love the details in this white blouse…. all perfect for the summer and fall.

One last item I have on my wishlist for this fall is a white pair of booties. Right now I have it narrowed down to this perforated pair, this open toe option, and this cutout wedge pair.


  1. Love those new slides!! XO -Anna