Nursing Reflections + Best Nursing Items… Tops, Dresses, Sweaters, + Bras

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{Tank– nursing friendly option}

About a year ago to this date, I can vividly recall a conversation I had with two of my closest girlfriends. We were out to dinner (they were sipping on margaritas…. and I was so jealous…) and they asked me how I was feeling about becoming a momma (they had both entered the journey before me). I responded that I had a lot of different feelings… but that I was both excited and nervous at the same time. The topic of breastfeeding came up, and I was relatively clueless. Yes, I knew the benefits… but when I was asked how long I would nurse for I was speechless. I hadn’t really given it much thought. I responded that I was going to see what my body would allow me to do…. and didn’t think about the topic again….

Fast forward to January 7th and it became a topic I rapidly became familiar with…. something that was discussed on an almost daily basis. I have even written about my struggles with it in my monthly motherhood updates. It is a topic with which I have so many different, competing feelings. You see, it is something that my body has allowed me to do… to exclusively provide little miss with breastmilk as her primary form of nutrition for the past 7 months…. I feel strong and proud of my body. Yet, I feel guilty when I say that I also struggle with it…. while I know how blessed I am, I also become overwhelmed by its demands. It is, in fact, a full time job (#nojoke). I imagine if little miss was privy to the bottle, I might not feel as stressed…. yet, since she is pretty particular about where her milk comes from (i.e. my boob), I am the sole provider… which means it is hard for me to go anywhere without her for longer than 3 hours. I’ve made shifts to my life to accommodate to this… I’ve turned down many networking events, date nights have shifted to date days (with little miss usually in tow), and dilly dallying at the mall is now a thing of the past (although I am sure that last one is just #momlife). I’ve considered weening, but then the guilt sets in… knowing how nutritious breastmilk is for her I feel selfish in doing so….

All that being said, I think every mother has her challenge (at least if you’re human…)…. and please don’t think I hate nursing… it’s just my motherhood challenge. Yet…. over the past 7 months, I have refused to let it hold me back from being stylish. I have done a couple posts on the best nursing clothing items (that aren’t really nursing items) and had a few requests to do another one. Since this is national breastfeeding week, I thought what better time to help all my mommas out there make this a stylish endeavor!


To start with, I think there are some important basics that are needed. When I nurse in public, I use a nursing cover (more power to those who are confident enough to do without!). I have both this wrap and this cover-up. I like them both, but the cover is a tad easier for me to use! I also use this nursing pillow, which makes keeping little miss in the right position much easier. Also, bras. Yes, a nursing bra makes life so much easier. I’ve used this one for the past 7 months, love this sports bra version, and this option for something a little fancier (I also wear this little non-nursing bralette in 3 colors… it’s just too cute and I sized up to a large). In the beginning stages, I used this balm and it was a lifesaver.


I’ve found some pretty great options for everyday dresses that will make nursing so much easier. I always say go for a wrap. I own this little red floral one (sized up), but love this feminine floral option, basic black and white version, and this chambray dress. This tie front dress is so cute for the end of summer. I also think button-ups are easy access options. This chambray button up and plaid option are both stylish and great for fall.


I haven’t include this option in the past because the weather was warm and we were transitioning out of cold temperatures. Yet, now that we are moving into the fall (well, in a couple months) I thought I would include some options. I love off the shoulder options here. They can be worn above and below the shoulders, both are chic options. I like this blue option, white version (great for summer nights and fall days), and this embroidered version (comes in several color options).


I always think off the shoulder and button-up are great options here. I own this white off the shoulder top and think it’s stylish and functional. I think these options are gorgeous for fall: a burgundy off the shoulder option, chiffon floral version, and and this chambray top (which comes in multiple colors). I also own this option, which is great for the end of summer. This super soft chambray top is on sale, and this pale pink option is cute and feminine. I own this tank, and have worn it all throughout summer (I added a hook and eye)… as well as this white wrap front top (last featured here) For fall, this plaid button up (which I own) and this chambray button up are great choices. I also like this striped option.


  1. Jessica says:

    Hi! I’m sure you received plenty of advice about your daughter not taking a bottle. I had the same struggle with my daughter. We wrapped a worn piece of my clothing around the bottle or my husband would drape my clothing on his chest. It worked for us and I thought I would pass it along. ?

  2. Lindsey says:

    My son never took a bottle, but at 8 months he would use one of those weighted straw cups. Maybe give that a try 🙂

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Thank you so much! I bought a sip cup, but think I will try the straw, since she is 7 months this weekend! I appreciate it!

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