Wellness Wednesday: The 5 Ways I Detox Post-Vacation + Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences

Hands up if you’re prone to an indulgent weekend here and there? Okay, my hands are pretty much sky high at this point. Having spent a weekend in Palm Springs, where we indulged on margaritas + chips, we immediately prepared for an even longer weekend up in Santa Ynez, where we willingly sipped wine + roasted s’mores. Come Monday, my body was begging me to hit the reset button. So, I pretty much did what I always do after a particularly indulgent trip or weekend. I push play on my cleanse routine…. and since I don’t do juice cleanses (more about that here) it’s pretty much something I feel anyone who wants to naturally cleanse can do.

1. Load Up On The Good Stuff: I pretty much start the week by heading to the grocery store and stocking up on all the veggies and fruits possible. Then I toss in fresh fish (salmon + shrimp are my week night favorites), some lean proteins, and items to make snacking a little easier (i.e. snack bars, trail mix, kite hill yogurt, hummus, salsa…). I also try to pick up a few juices to help me replenish what was lost over the weekend. With all that goodness in the fridge and cabinets it makes making healthy choices easier. An example of a post -indulgent weekend day of eating? Well, yesterday I had oatmeal + banana for breakfast, a bowl of watermelon for a snack, a sweet potato + kale salad + sautéed squash for lunch, hummus + bell peppers with some almonds as a snack, and then my favorite sautéed shrimp with cauliflower “friend rice.” I felt great… no bloat, lots of energy… and certainly not left starving and foggy headed.

2. Liquids: Water, water, water. I pretty much guzzle it. I buy one of those big Fiji or Smart Water bottles and am sure to drink the entire thing throughout the day… and then I am sure to have a cup with every meal. If I’m craving a little flavor, I’ll pick up a white or green iced tea (lower than black tea in caffeine) and sip on that. In the evenings, I’ll typically have some warm water with a lemon in it…. apparently doing so aids in digestion, provides an immunity boost (which is typically needed after getting less sleep…), cleanses the system (hello natural detox), and reduced inflammation (which in turn reduces acidity… too high of an acidic system is where disease festers…). Oh… and I lay off the wine for several days….

3. Kombucha: I know I’ve been writing about this stuff a lot lately, but I’m kinda digging it…. So, I’ve been having one a day. The more research I do, the more I am sold on the stuff. Why add it to my detox regime? Well, for starers, it’s known to help in the detoxification process by protecting liver cells from toxins (I’m way simplifying this)… which is good because if the liver is damaged, then the body won’t be able to flush out toxins. It also aids in digestion (which usually takes a downward slope when I indulge), helps with increased energy, and provides an immune boost. Yes please x10!

4. Work It Out: Yes, even though I may be tired, I get up and get moving. It’s two fold for me. One, I love a good sweat… makes me feel like I’m sweating out all those indulgences, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Second, it gives me an added energy boost. My favorite detox workouts? A good ride on the spin bike, power yoga video, or a run. Take that s’mores!

5. Sleep!: try to go to bed an hour earlier when I’ve had a particularly long weekend (as in going to bed past my bed time, but having a fixed alarm clock that doesn’t go past 7:30am with Harper). Whether that’s for just a night, or maybe two, I often find that the added hour helps me get back on track quicker.

All that being said, it usually only takes me 2-3 days to start feeling back on track again! It’s what has worked for me in the past, and I love that it allows me to enjoy myself freely, without worrying, knowing that I have a solid “reset” plan upon my return.

I also wanted to share with you what happens when two amazing brands come together! I am loving this Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collaboration. Beyond Yoga is one of my all time favorites for activewear, and the pieces in the collection are super comfortable + chic…. something I pretty much live in the day after vacation. I’ve linked my outfit below, but I am also loving this black + white tank (same style as the one I am wearing), black + white sports bra, and black pullover. I think my pants in black are perfect for pretty much anything, and the sport bra I am wearing in pink is cute too.

{Outfit Details c/o Beyond Yoga || Leggings | Sports Bra | Top | Shoes}

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences

beyond yoga x kate spade, itsy bitsy indulgences


kate spade x beyond yoga, itsy bitsy indulgences


  1. You’re looking amazing Shannon! ?