Weekend Recap: Santa Ynez

dos carlitos santa ynez, itsy bitsy indulgences {Kicked off the weekend with some margaritas at Dos Carlitos in Santa Ynez}

“If it were meant to be controlled, it would have come with a remote.”

I saw this Friday afternoon and couldn’t help but feel its resonation. So often in my life, I find that I become anxious because I can’t control certain situations…. anyone else? Yet, life didn’t come with a remote control, and therefore, it is not meant to be controlled at a moments notice. Part of life is about experiencing its many ups, and in turn, its downs. After spending a wonderful weekend up in the Santa Barbara wine region with my family to celebrate my sister’s birthday, I can’t help but be keep this quote in mind as I go into the work week. My goal for this week is to take each moment as it comes, and remember that each situation that comes across my path is meant to teach me something, not for me to control or try to change. So, here’s to a week of letting life come and experiencing it for all it is worth.

weekend recap los olivos, itsy bitsy indulgences{Kicking off the hot weekend- dress}

itsy bitsy indukgences {Celebrating Allison’s birthday}

itsy bitsy indulgences
{Mornings on the porch}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Love these sweet words from Saarloos & Sons…. btw excellent grenache blanc}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Festive bubbles with my momma and sis while TJ had Harper}

los olivos, itsy bitsy indulgences{Post blow out love with my little miss- cardigan, tee}

doggy door los olivos, itsy bitsy indulgences

doggy door {Check out the Doggy Door if you’re in the Los Olivos area for some gourmet dogs….}

itsy bitsy indulgences{Nothing like family….}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Tastes all around}

Once again, a weekend full of indulgences follows by a week of balance. I am for sure making this smoothie and salad combo to get me back on track.

I’ve included a few more Nordstrom sale finds below (all except one)….

So, it was incredibly hot out in Los Olives this weekend so I lived in this little tank, as well as this open back tank, and when the temps dropped, I threw on this oversized cardigan and cold shoulder sweater. I also loved wearing this little white dress (which is very nursing friendly, trust me, I know), and this white cross front tank (not on sale, but a great price) which I wore with this bralette (not featured on Friday’s post). I also love this floral top (cutest cross front and sleeves) for those days that are just too hot to move.

While I love so many items from the Nordstrom sale, sometimes it’s hard to envision wearing the fall pieces in the middle of summer. Some options that I think are great for summer wearing include this plaid button up, striped turtleneck tee, and this open front cardigan for cooler summer nights (all with a pair of denim shorts). I also love these cargo pants when paired with a tank as an alternative to jeans. I also think this lightweight chambray top is a great option with cut offs (for a double denim dose), and this white bell sleeve top and striped dolman top are great options for those breezy summer evenings. Other excellent options are this white peasant top (with denim shorts… again) and this sleeveless knit cotton tunic… all excellent for summer evenings. I also think a great suede jacket can be nicely paired with a tank and denim shorts. I love this navy blue option, as well as this cropped motto version.


  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Shannon,

    I love your blog and how you always tie in your personal life’s outlook and experiences! It’s easy to relate too.

    Where did you stay? Me and my husband are always looking for baby friendly accommodations. Also, what wineries do you recommend?



    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Thank you so much Melissa! That means a lot to me! We have stayed in several places since Harper has started coming with us, and I would say the best and easiest option would be to rent a house. There are so many options available on VRBO.com. If you’re wanting to stay in a hotel, we have stayed at the Landsby, which was a very easy spot with her (we did book a larger room though, to ensure we had space for all the baby stuff!). We spent one night at The Wine Valley Inn this past trip, and it’s a pretty old hotel, but the suit room provided us with a lot of space. As far as wineries go, there are so many amazing options! If you stay in Los Olivos I recommend Saarloos, Epiphany, The Bubble Shack, and Nielson. If you are wanting to go out and taste at vineyard, check out Firestone, Fess Parker, Brander, Zaca Mesa, Pence, Gainey, and Lincourt. Those are our favorite spots that we hit up all the time! If you like Sauvignon Blancs Brander is an excellent spot to taste at! Epiphany + Lincourt have great rosés. Pence has only Chardonnays and Reds, but still great. Hope that helps!!