Favorite Products From April: Food, Beauty, Fashion, & Baby

I can’t believe its been a month since my last installment of my favorite products (first, second editions). While this past month flew by, I still found so many new products that I fell in love with and had to share with you! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do…. oh, and how could I forget… HAPPY FRIDAY!

itsy bitsy indulgences


1. Perfect Bar: Over the past two months I have become slightly obsessed with these. I don’t typically eat a whole one at a time, but I love chopping up pieces here and there and topping my morning oatmeal with them. It adds so much delicious flavor without the artificial sweeteners. Why do I like them? Well, obviously, they’re incredibly delicious. I love that the bar is made of whole foods and ingredients. No artificial flavoring. They are gluten free, non-gmo, certified organic, and loaded with protein and and good carbs. My favorite flavors include peanut butter, carob chip, and almond acai (which comes in a lite protein version too).

2. Suja Beet Juice: I recently had beet juice at Nektar, and fell in love with the natural sweetness of the juice (of course, it was combined with other fruits….). When I saw that Suja made a similar one, I decided to give it a try, as it would be nice to have a few stored in the refrigerator when a craving hit. It was delicious. Period. Sweet, but not too sweet.

3. Arctic Freeze Ice Cream: I tried this in the past and wasn’t a huge fan. Then, I actually read the directions which said to let the ice cream sit for 10 minutes before eating (I guess it always helps to read the directions). I loved it. It’s dairy free, and they come in a variety of flavors. My favorites are the chocolate peanut butter and chocolate milkshake.

4. Kite Hill Yogurt: Recently I’ve been craving a delicious parfait… but not wanting the dairy. My experiences with dairy free yogurt have been less than exciting… and rather disgusting. Until I tried Kite Hill. It’s a dairy free yogurt and tastes delicious. It is nut based, so there is no soy in the product. Additionally, it doesn’t leave an unpleasant after taste, and comes in several different flavors. My favorites are the plain and vanilla.

5. Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink Popcorn: Surprise surprise, another popcorn. This one is so delicious and slightly salty. It’s without all that bad stuff for you, so it’s a bag I reach for when I want a crunch and a little bit of salt… or a little after dinner snack for watching a movie!

itsy bitsy indulgences


1. Love To Dream Swaddle: So, we graduated Harper out of the swaddle from last month and into this option. We love that she has access to her hands and that it allows her to feel secure, while still experiencing a range of movement. We call it her little sleeping bag!

2. Owlet Monitor: I wrote a post about this here, but needed to share about it again! Since Harper is sleeping through the night, this has become so helpful in allowing us to have peace of mind… or I would seriously be checking on her every 30 minutes! Since it monitors her vitals, it will alert us if her pulse or oxygen levels drop below normal levels. It will also alert you if it becomes disabled somehow. We used this when we first brought Harper home, and have continued to use it since… she has now graduated to the second sock size!

3. Sofie Chew Toy: I’m not sue if this girlfriend over here is teething, or just loves to drool and shove her fist in her mouth all day, everyday! I have started to give her Sofie the Giraffe. While we are still working on a strong grip… she loves to hold it while she can, and will occasionally stick it in her mouth.

4. The Pout Pout Fish: My cousin gave this book as a gift to Harper, and I just love it. It has the prettiest illustrations and I love the storyline! It seems to keep Harper’s attention too, as she babbles along as I read to her!

5. Chambray Shoes: I’m loving what Old Navy, and Gap, have for little ones right now and these chambray shoes are no exception. I think they are an adorable option for a warm sunny day!

6. Pineapple Bathing Suit: I bought Harper this little number and I love it! I can’t wait for her to wear it in Hawaii. I also think this hot pink ruffled two piece is too cute!

itsy bitsy indulgences


1. TULA Products (c/o) (use code shannon25 for 25% off and free shipping): Lately I’ve been really into testing out new beauty products, and when the opportunity arose to try out these products I couldn’t wait. I tested out their face wash, eye cream, day and night cream, serum, and exfoliating cream for about 5 months. Let me say, I love the products. They are lightweight and I have noticed that my skin has been visibly brighter…. maybe more youthful is the correct word choice here. My favorites of the products I tested were the exfoliating treatment mask, day and night cream, illuminating face serum, and the revitalizing eye cream. I use the treatment mask three times a week… and it’s so simple to use. I put it on immediately after my shower, let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then wash it off. I follow that up by using a light layer of the illuminating face serum (which is probably my favorite product, next to the face mask). If I’m not wearing any make-up for the day, I use the face cream. In the evenings, I use the serum, face cream, and eye cream and I swear it has made my skin so soft, bright, and youthful looking!

2. Kiehl’s Hand Salve: So, washing my hands 1,000x a day has left them looking like sandpaper. I used to use this hand lotion way back when, and decided that my hands were in desperate need of it. Stat. Within several uses, the cracks in my fingers went away and they were feeling soft again. It’s super thick, but doesn’t feel thick when you rub it on your hands. It doesn’t leave any excess film either. Highly recommend.

3. Jergen’s Natural Glow Lotion: In the past few years, I’ve become pretty paranoid about sun damage. Not that I won’t be laying out in Hawaii… I’m just trying to be a little more particular about how much time I spend bathing myself in the rays of the sun. Yet, I’m not quite feeling that pasty white skin glow. So I grabbed a bottle of this good stuff and tried it out for a month. I noticed a very natural and subtle glow… and it was actually bronze and not orange. It was noticeable enough that TJ asked me if I had been laying out. That was a win for me…. and it’s an excellent price point.

ittsy bitsy indulgences


1. Live In Leggings: During my pregnancy and post pregnancy, I loved using these high waisted leggings, which I still wear. Yet, in transition back to regular waistbands I fell in love with my tried and true favorite pair of black leggings (which come in many colors). I love tossing them on for a day of errands and just lounging around in the house. They hug in all the right places too… which is always an added bonus, am I right?? I love pairing them with this pair of Chuck Taylors with a twist, my fav live in tee, and go-to denim jacket.

2. Fringe Sandals: I’m pretty much obsessed with this pair of sandals. I love that they have a little bit of fringe, with an otherwise neutral base. They add the perfect little something to my favorite jeans and a tee look…. and they also go perfectly with shorts, my favorite chambray jumpsuit, and any dress.

3. Cut-offs: These are pretty fabulous. I love that they are high-waisted because they allow me to wear crop tops without baring it all! I love the distressing at the end too (I sized up 2 sizes)!

4. Straw Tote Bag: Ok. This is a pretty fabulous bag. I initially bought it for Hawaii to take to the beach and pool (which I still intend on doing), but it’s just so stylish that I have already started using it during the day if I head out for lunch or a quick coffee break with friends. I recently wore it with this jumpsuit and flats combo to an event in Laguna Beach.

5. Bralette: So, let’s be honest here. I am kinda getting sick of that nursing bra. This is my option when I want to feel slightly more feminine. I love pairing it with this top, and under tees as well.

6. Gorjana Power Stone Bracelet (c/o): I love simple accessories to dress up “everyday” outfits. These bracelets come in multiple colors, and I love the gold bar that they have. They layer perfectly together (I own a few), alone, or with my other favorite gold bracelets.

7. Transitional Sweater: This is such an odd time of year. Does it want to be cold or warm? While the weather can’t make up its mind, I’ve made up my mind about this sweater. I love the olive color and mesh-like look it has. It pairs perfectly with my favorite distressed jeans or shorts (mentioned above). Wear it out at night with a pair of lace up heels… or dressed down with the sandals above… or even sneakers!

itsy bitsy indulgences


1. Handheld Spiralizer: I’ve always loved spiralizing my veggies to make healthy alternatives to pastas. Yet, when Harper was born it became so laborious to pull out my full sized one and having to clean it only added to the burden. I stumbled across this handheld one on a recent shopping trip and decided to give it a try. I loved it. It takes a little bit to get the vegetable started (more than the larger one), but once it gets going it does just as good of a job! I’ve been loving making zucchini stir fry with it… and going to try my hand at a sweet potato dish this week!

2. Festive Bowls: I am a sucker for cute dishes. A few weeks ago when I went into Anthropologie (again) I couldn’t help but pick up a few of their festive bowls for the summer months ahead! I think they are so fun and can’t wait to put them in heavy rotation while enjoying some al fresco dining a glass of vino!


  1. I’ve only tried the chocolate chip cookie dough arctic zero and really like it. At first I was on the fence, but once I left it sit 10 minutes I liked it much better. I don’t read directions either 😉

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