Over 20 Of The Best Tops/Dresses For Nursing (They’re Not Nursing Tops Though!!) Round 2

the best nursing tops, itsy bitsy indulgences {top}

As of late I have been receiving questions regarding how I wear certain items, in public, while I am nursing, as well as requests for the best clothing options (you can see my first post on stylish nursing options). After having gone 9 months putting a lot of thought into what I was wearing to accommodate a growing bump, I was ready to wear “whatever I wanted,” post delivery. Not. So. Fast. Though. Nursing is a whole other ballgame which requires even more thought as to what you are going to wear to allow for “easy access.” Yet, the options are less than stylish, and to be honest, I had no interest in wearing “special” clothing any longer. I wanted to wear dresses, jumpsuits, and cute tops again. So, I began getting creative and coming up with tricks to allow me to do so…. thinking outside of the box if you will. I’ve compiled a list of my tricks (which I don’t think are really the genius) I have come up with over the past 16 weeks and rounded up over 20 chic, and “easy access” pieces, to keep you stylish and your little one’s tummy full… and all options are under $150!! Hope it helps!

First, start with an excellent nursing bra! I own two of these, and have loved them (maybe love is too strong of a sentiment….). I also like this option when working out… and if you’re looking for a slightly more feminine option, try this lace one.


In public, I always use a cover (it’s just a personal preference) which is why some of these options are likely possible for me. Here are tons of cute options (I use mine all the time) if you’re looking for one.

1. I love to wear a sundress now and then. Yet, it’s not acceptable to pull your dress up in public and expose your derriere. Solution? I bring a pair of shorts, slip them on underneath, and go from there. I also look for options that button in the front… like this floral one (I own this option and it comes in 3 colors) and this belted shirtdress (comes in 2 color options). With the spring and summer temperatures visiting Southern California, I’m wanting to wear off the shoulder trends more and more. This is a great option for a dress as well, given that all you have to do is pull down! I love this light pink dress (also comes in yellow), red lace option, blue maxi dress, and simple chambray dress. This tie front dress is perfect for a warm summer evening.


2. Jumpsuits. Love them! Not always nursing friendly though. Again, I opt for tie front options and button front choices (although I do own ones that zip in the back and have found them to not be that difficult to navigate). Check out this chambray button front romper (currently in my shopping cart) and this tie front striped get-up (seriously, the cutest!). This white off the shoulder jumpsuit is just begging for a casual brunch!


3. There are so many different top options as well. The most obvious being the button-up. I love this striped sleeveless one, as well as this chambray version (both would look so cute with a pair of high waisted jeans and knotted in the front!). I own this blue striped linen button-up and wear it with anything and everything. Rails has amazingly comfortable patterned button-ups in multiple colors, and this navy and white striped top is an excellent pairing with jeans, shorts, and skirts. I own this sleeveless, cross front option and love it. Lastly, this short sleeve, oversized button up is perfect for casual days.


4. If button-ups seem a little boring (yes, they can be) and you want something a little different try this faux wrap tank (the one I am wearing above) and deep v-tank (I own it as well, and it comes in multiple colors. I added a clasp so it didn’t go as low). Off the shoulder tops are another excellent option. This crochet option comes in multiple colors, and I love the print on this blue version and this blue option too (I guess I like blue right now…).