Favorite Products From February + March: Food, Beauty, Baby, + Fashion!!

I’ve always been the type of person to revisit my “tried and true” over and over again. Yet, having a baby and being a new mom has encouraged me to really reach outside of my “old faithfuls” and try a few new products (I mean, I think I’ve already tried 3-4 different bottles….). So, over the past 6 weeks, I’ve tested out new snacks (breastfeeding leaves me hangry people!), purchased a few new clothing items (okay, maybe more than a few), tried out some new beauty routines, and found the baby products that are saving me at this moment! I decided to share them with you too… just in case you’re looking for a healthy new snack, piece of clothing, baby item, or a new beauty product to test out along with me.

And…. have an amazing weekend friends!!!

favorite food products, itsy bitsy indulgences


1. Boom Chicka Pop: Um, hello goodness! I tried out several different bags of popcorn, and this one takes the cake. I even got my mom and sister hooked on it. I always love a post dinner treat and a big old bowl of this popcorn hits the spot. It comes in 9 different flavors (I prefer the lightness of this flavor…), is Non-GMO, and certified gluten free. It’s made with all “real” products so I can plop myself down in my stretchy pants and enjoy without the worry!

2. barnana Peanut Butter flavor: I could pretty much each a whole bag of these in one sitting if I allowed myself. I love that they are a good source of potassium and fiber, and they are also preservative and gluten free, as well as Non-GMO. The only ingredients in the bag are 3 bananas, 80% water, and 4tbs of Peanut Butter…. can’t argue with that.

3. Health Warrior Chia Bar: I tried these about a year ago while they were on sample at Whole Foods and fell in love. I love their mini size, tasty flavors (so many different options), and that they are loaded with chia seeds (beware… they can get stuck in your teeth). I love chia seeds as a good source of omega 3 and fiber…. and since these are so tiny, I can toss them in my purse (sorry, diaper bag these days…) and when I’m hungry I have a healthy snack waiting.

4. gomacro Macrobar: I am loving these bars as my afternoon snack. There are so many different flavors that I couldn’t choose a favorite. I love that the goal of the company is to feel good about what you eat… which is something I subscribe to and am committed to. Needless to say, they’re organic, soy-free, Non-GMO, and vegan. Trust me though, they are loaded with flavor.

5. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups: These little morsels are perfect for those nights when you crave that childhood favorite… but want it in a slightly less processed way! I don’t have to explain a dark chocolate peanut butter cup… but let me just add that it pairs very nicely with a little pinot noir.

best baby products, itsy bitsy indulgences


1. Swimsuit: Sorry, I just couldn’t resist this little one for our May trip to Hawaii (and I might have bought this one too)…. now onto the more practical products.

2. Carseat Canopy c/o: This product is so ingenious. It is just like the regular muslin swaddles, but it hooks to the car seat arms so that it doesn’t keep falling off. It was the solution to a minor irritation.

3. Activity Gym: I love Skip Hop’s activity gym for a little bit of tummy time and to stimulate her mind. I love that she swats at the items and smiles and coos at the noises.

4. Moby Bathtub: I wrote about this tub here (last week) and I can’t rave about it enough. It seriously removed all of our bath time woes, and little miss certainly enjoys her spa time. It is the perfect size for a newborn and can grow with her as she gets bigger.

5. Wipe Warmer: I stumbled across this product while I was registering and couldn’t have been happier. In the early days, Harper would cry when we would wipe her because of the cold and damp nature of the wipes. Once we started using this she didn’t make a peep. It especially came in handy during those middle of the night changings, when I really didn’t want to wake her up anymore than she already was.

6. Travel Sound Machine: My girlfriend bought this product for us as a gift for my shower and it’s amazing. We use it nightly to provide white noise and take it with us everywhere. Our’s is an owl, but it comes in different animal varieties, so it’s cute and functional.

7. ZoLi Nail Trimmer: These. Are. Amazing. Period. Before I had Harper, I worried about harming her when it came time to clipping her nails. I stumbled across this nail file and absolutely love it. It has 4 different file sizes based on her age and she doesn’t mind it one bit. I do have to file her nails 1-2xs a week, but at least I don’t have to worry about clipping her skin!

8. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail: Hands down, best product to keep the room from smelling. Simply drop those stinky little diaper bombs in the pail, close the lid, and you wont smell anything from them. Need I say more??

favorite beauty products, itsy bitsy indulgences


1. Juice Beauty c/o: I have stuck with the same moisturizer for years. Yet, when I was provided with an opportunity to try out Gwenyth Paltrow’s new Stem Cellular line, I jumped at the opportunity. My eyes were heavy and dark from lack of sleep, and I felt that my face was dull from the changes of being a new mom. I decided I would give it a try for a month and see how I felt. Bottom line, I loved the line. I had never used a booster serum, and found that by the end my skin actually looked fuller (especially around the lip area). The moisturizer provided my skin with exactly what it needed (smelled amazing too… and I’m not big on scents), and the eye treatment was refreshing. I also tested out the instant eye lift algae mask. Let me say, it was refreshing and made my under eye area actually look brighter (read: as if I had received a full night of sleep)… and it was kind of fun to sit on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and my eye treatment… felt like I was at the spa!

2. Burt’s Bees Apricot Lip Shimmer: I shared this over on snapchat (shanpulsiferibi) the other day. For those days when I am keeping my make-up to a minimum, it’s a great pop of color. I am also a chapstick addict, and this kept my lips feeling moist (not as well as the chapstick, but good enough!).

3. Viva Glam II: In high school I used to only wear foundation on my lips (yes, I probably looked very pale). Today, I still put a little on my lips, but then I toss on a neutral lip shade for my everyday color. I am loving the subtle color that this lipstick, gloss (myth), and liner (whirl) give me.


best fashion products, itsy bitsy indulgences

  1. Swimsuit: I’ve been eyeing this one for sometime, but when I spotted this high quality, cheaper version at Nordstrom I quickly scooped it up! If this isn’t motivation in the gym for Hawaii, not sure what is!!

2. Fedora: I’m a hat lover, but all those felt hats I had in the fall/winter wont work for these warmer spring and summer months. I’m loving this fedora, and eyeing this boater hat too!

3. Nike Kicks: These babies are perfect for running around town and taking little miss for a walk! I love the texture on them and am a huge fan of the juvenate line. You can’t go wrong with these!

4. Stripe Top: It’s cozy, chic, and in my opinion, you can never own too many striped tops (as I mentioned here). I love this alternative to the navy/white and black/white combo!

5. Vintage Gym Pants: These. Are. So. Comfortable. They remind me of a more fashionable pair of 80’s workout gear… they’re fitted in the right places yet roomy enough to make you feel like you’re still wearing pajamas…. so I might have slept in them too! They run TTS and I’m wearing an XS.

6. Lightweight Sweater: So, I grabbed this on a whim during a recent shopping trip. The material was lightweight and the price was spot on. It’s the perfect transitional sweater for those cooler evenings, or to layer over a tank on a cool morning.

7. Sandals: I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. I loved the lower heel height, corked heel, and studded details. I love wearing them with my favorite skinnies, and can’t wait to pair them with my new cut-offs and a cute sundress.

best baby swaddle, itsy bitsy indulgences


***Swaddle c/o***: If you’re an expecting mom, or a mom of a little one, you need this product! I am a terrible swaddler, and a tight swaddle helps my little one sleep through the night. She used to wake up in the middle of her naps and in the early morning when the swaddle would come undone… once we received this product that ceased to happen! I’m serious…. it’s like a swaddle for dummies (me!)!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love these products 🙂 I totally have to get my daughter that flamingo swimsuit.. so cute!

    xo Raina

  2. I love the Justin’s PB cups! SO GOOD!! My favorite Mac lipstick is “Angel,” it’s such a pretty neutral pink 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee