Wonders of The MammaRoo

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When we first brought Harper home from the hospital, I felt as though I needed to be constantly holding her when she was awake. I felt bad putting her down, and often worried that I was “neglecting” her. After talking with several friends, and my mom, I was rapidly reassured that it’s simply not possible to be holding your little one 24/7. So, I brought out the mammaRoo I had excitedly received before her arrival.  At first, she would simply fall asleep for a short period of time… just enough to allow me to text a friend, or enjoy a cup of tea. Then after a few weeks, she simply didn’t want to be in anything moving (including the car seat). Now, she loves it… and I love seeing her smile and coo while she is in it… I even give her hair tutorials while she sways away and I curl my hair.

The mammaRoo mimics the way parents move when they are holding their babies (and has several different settings to choose from… my little miss prefers the kangaroo setting), which is essentially why I am able to place her down without a difficult transition. It’s as if she never moves from my arms. I love the sleek design (something that was important to me when we were purchasing products) and that I can hook up my iPhone and play her favorite “white noise” while she is swaying away. Harper loves the mobile that hangs above, and often swings her arms in attempts to swat it…. she smiles and is engaged the entire time. Her engagement helps me feel like I am not simply “pushing her to the side” and that she is actually stimulated while she is awake.

When I was looking at products to register for, I was never sure which ones were worth the investment, so I did a lot of asking my friends (thank you by the way!).  So I decided to start a series for the next several weeks to cover the products I feel have been the most helpful for me as I made the transition to a first time mother. I hope you will find it helpful as well!


{Post Details || mammaRoo c/o 4moms | Sweater: Make & Model (on sale!) | Leggings c/o (wear all the time!) | Harper’s Headband | Harper’s Nightgown (c/o Little Me– they have the cutest products) | Swaddle (c/o)}



little me, itsy bitsy indulgences

mommaRoo, itsy bitsy indulgences

mommaroo, itsy bitsy indulgences

mommaroo, itsy bitsy indulgences


  1. andiperullo says:

    She’s sooo cute! Unfortunately, the Mammaroo came out too late after my son was born to use, but for the next baby I will definitely be buying it! I’ve heard nothing, but awesome things!

  2. Emilee says:

    Looks super fun for baby! Would love to try for my second due in August.

  3. abedabun dawn says:

    This would be so helpful! I keep my grand daughter while my son and daughter in law work.

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      It would for sure be helpful while you are watching your grand daughter. My mom uses it too!