Harper’s Nursery Reveal

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When I found out we were having a little girl, I had two goals (well, I had more, but these were my superficial goals…). The first was to find adorable baby girl clothing (obviously). The second was to create a cute little nursery for our little bun. As I started trying to conceptualize what I wanted the nursery to look like, I scoured Pinterest (where else would one start these days???). Our goal was to create a space that would instill adventure within her, and capture the wanderlust nature within Tj and me. I wanted a space that could grow with her.

I began buying pieces here and there… and started with the rug. I vacillated back and forth… not sure if it was too over the top. Yet, as all the other pieces started to fall into place, I felt it was the perfect pop of color in an otherwise relatively neutral space.

{Crib: Land of Nod | Blanket: Land of Nod | Pouf: Amazon | Glider: Land of Nod | Pillow on Glider: Anthropologie | Side Table: TJ Maxx Home Store | Teepee: Land of Nod | Faux Sheep Skin: IKEA | Woven Wall Hanging: c/o Hannah Renee Creative | Pink & White Hamper: Land of Nod | Giraffe: Nordstrom | Flamingo: Anthropologie | Mermaid Stuffed Animal: Land of Nod | Shelves: Land of Nod | Fox Stuffed Animal: Nordstrom |  The World Is Your Oyster Print: Lulu & Georgia | Paris Print: Lulu & Georgia | Rug: RugsUSA}

tipi in nursery, itsy bitsy indulgences

I couldn’t resist the teepee. Wanting her room to be a place where she felt safe to explore her surroundings and to spark her imagination, I felt it was the perfect kick-starter. I envision her, when she is old enough… expressing her adventurous soul through playdates with her various stuffed animals. I simply can’t wait to see how she uses the space and what her imagination concocts.

boho nursery, itsy bitsy indulgences

Knowing that I would have many late night feedings, I wanted to find a glider that was comfortable and easy to clean (especially with it being white). I grew up with my dad reading stories to me in the evenings, so I wanted a chair where Tj could sit and do the same with Harper. I can tell you, it’s certainly very comfortable at 3:30am and cleans up easily. I love the moroccan embroidery on the pouf and the texture it adds to the space.

itsy bitsy indulgences

When I was younger, I remember how much I loved to look at pictures of my parents together. While I’m sure I didn’t know why then, I’m sure it provided me with a sense of comfort in knowing the love they had for each other. I added this photo of Tj and me to the room, as a simple reminder to her of the security we hope to bring her through our commitment to each other. Also… I was pregnant in this picture and didn’t know it… so we plan on telling her we’ve already taken her to Paris 🙂

boho nursery, itsy bitsy indulgences

hanging flamingo anthropologie, itsy bitsy indulgences

hanging flamingo, itsy bitsy indulgences

I didn’t want the walls to be too cluttered, so I opted for pieces I felt carried the “wanderlust” and “exploration” theme. I love that these prints encourage her to explore her surroundings and that possibilities are endless. And, honestly, I simply couldn’t resist this flamingo head (don’t worry, all wall hangings are hung securely with earthquake proof bolts).

wall hanging, itsy bitsy indulgences

A woven wall hanging was a must. I love the intricate nature, yet simplicity they add to the wall. I am in absolute LOVE with this one here. I had this one custom made, opting for a neutral base and pinks woven in. I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

nursery, itsy bitsy indulgences

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itsy bitsy indulgences

itsy bitsy indulgences

This is the wall opposite of the crib. It houses all of Harper’s boos (I think she has 0ver 30 already) and various rattlers and toys. I love the gold finishing on the shelves, and the Paris Eiffel Tower we picked up on our last trip. I like to think of this little area as her “exploration” wall. She can pick any book she wants us to read to her, any toy she wants to try out, and just let her imagination grow!

*Photos by Taylor Cole Photography 


  1. I read your blog everyday and rarely comment, but i must say, i LOVE the nursery!! Love your blog and all of the baby/style/fitness posts – we are expecting our first (a baby boy!) in April and you provide such wonderful new mama inspiration:). I love to see how you can still be stylish and fun even as a new mom on very little sleep. Keep up the awesome posts!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them! So exciting for your upcoming arrival of your little boy! Best of luck in your last few weeks of pregnancy!

  2. It looks amazing!! You did a lovely job <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Thank you so much! It’s really a fun little room to spend time with her in.

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