Weekend Recap

irvine spectrum, itsy bitsy indulgences {A warm and sunny weekend in California}

Today marks Harper’s 1 month birthday (I’m not really sure what to call it…). I feel as though this has been the longest month of my life, but at the same time the quickest one. Filled with so many firsts, frustrations, excitements, and milestones its been quite a month (later this week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and reflections on being a new mom). Each weekend that passes I start to feel as though a routine is settling over our house. We had our first set of friends come over this weekend to visit our little peach… headed out to another delicious breakfast (we may or may not have had to drive around an extra 10 minutes to ensure she was good and asleep…), and enjoyed a Super Bowl party with family. Being someone who thrives on routine… as well as being out and about… all of these events were welcome occurrences in my life! While there are certainly ups and downs of each week, I look forward to seeing how this week unfolds (but doing some serious praying that it’s positive!!).

lyfe kitchen, itsy bitsy indulgences {Lunch with mom and Harper at Lyfe Kitchen to kick off the weekend}

nektar juice, itsy bitsy indulgences {A thirst quenching smoothie from Nektar}

tulips, itsy bitsy indulgences {Pretty tulips for the weekend}

mead's green door cafe, itsy bitsy indulgences {The nutty monkey and almond milk chai for Sunday breakfast at Mead’s}

Having been home for the past 9 weeks, the travel bug has majorly taken over (given that the longest we have ever stayed home is about 4 weeks). I’m looking over this napa trip, our favorite Southern California getaways, and one of my first blog posts ever about Santa Ynez and getting excited for our upcoming weekend getaway!

 We’re heading up to Santa Barbara in two weeks, and with the unpredictable weather (it could possibly be in the 60’s or 80s…) I’m doing some outfit planning already. A few items I’m considering include this denim dress (thinking of pairing it with a leather jacket or chunky cardigan), white skirt, and fringe sandals (that come in three fun colors… I’m loving the orange and yellow though!). I’m also loving this versatile rose colored side slit sweater and grey boucle sweater coat for the cooler evenings.

Being a mere two weeks away from being able to work out again is getting me excited for new fitness gear! Loving this mesh long sleeved top, mesh leggings, long tunic (versatile enough for post yoga brunch), and Adidas cross trainers (the color is the cutest!).

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