Favorite + Most Useful Products This Month

I’ve never considered myself a “product junkie.” I’ve always wanted to be one, but I think my inclination towards routine and “the known” has prevented me from becoming one over the years. You see, I love the beauty aisle at Target and the make-up counters at the mall… I just always resort back to my old tried and true products. Yet, in the past three weeks all that has changed. What was known is not necessarily working, and what is new (I’m soon realizing) can have some profound effects (as in… immediately soothing a crying baby). Does this mean that I am suddenly turning a new leaf and becoming the “product junkie” I’ve always wanted to be? Um… yeah, not so fast. Yet, in the past few weeks I have found myself relying on certain products to get me by and thought I would share them here with you all!

{Exfoliator | Brow Highlighter | Eye Depuffing Gel | Nipple Balm | Dry Shampoo| Toaster Oven | Pressed Juice | Nursing Bra | Robe | Chemise | Leggings}

favorite products for january

1. St. Ives Exfoliator: This isn’t a new product for me, I’ve been using it for years (see… I told you I like routine). Yet, its been a lifesaver in keeping my sleep deprived face looking fresh and smooth. I love that it’s gentle enough to use several times a week (I use it 3 times) and that it combats breakouts at the same time. The price point is pretty amazing too!

2. Brow Highlighter: In the theme of looking “fresh faced” I’ve spent most of my time focusing on the eye region (and covering up dark circles….). I use this brow highlighter to brighten up the area by placing a little under the arch of my brow, the inside corner of my eye, and below the outer lash line.

3. Eye Depuffing Gel: Both TJ and I use this. Daily. I place it on right when I get out of the shower and apply my under eye cream over it. It leaves the area looking dewey and awake… another #win.

4. Nipple Balm: I don’t think the function of this product needs much explanation, but it’s pretty amazing… and a lifesaver. I use it at least once a day, and since it is natural I don’t have to worry about transferring any harmful products to my little one.

5. Toaster Oven: I know this product looks a little randomly placed, but I swear by it. My mom has one too and we both use it all the time. It heats up quickly and is a perfect size to cook the casserole dishes people have been so kind to bring us. It also takes half the time to heat up, has a convection option (to cook the items quicker), and doesn’t heat up the house like a normal oven does. Its been amazing these past three weeks.

6. Pressed Juice: I love these juices and try to have one daily to ensure I’m getting my fruits and vegetables. I can easily drink it with one hand (bonus) and it’s a healthier option to heavier smoothies.

7. Dry Shampoo: Since I certainly don’t have time to wash my hair every other day (try every 4-5) I’ve been going through my dry shampoo like a mad woman. I love that this one doesn’t dry my hair and makes me feel like I actually have a fresh wash!

8. Nursing Bra: I love this one. It’s flattering and doesn’t make me feel like I’m actually wearing something that opens and closes in a snap. It’s functional and easy to use. I bought two and couldn’t be happier.

9. Robe: I’ve shared this robe before, but I can’t rave about it enough. I wear it daily and slip it on for nightly feedings when I want something to keep me warm. It’s soft to the skin, so it won’t irritate Harper’s skin. I initially hesitated to purchase it, wondering how often I would really wear it, and am so glad I did.

10. Jersey Chemise: Another piece that is incredibly soft and easy to use when breastfeeding. All of that aside, it helps me feel a little less frumpy… and sometimes I just wear it tucked into my sweatpants as a top (versatile too!).

11. Leggings: I styled these three different ways here , and continue to wear them several times a week. The material makes them look less like they were made for the gym, and more like they were made for daily use. Although… I wear them on walks as well and they are pretty amazing.


  1. Okay, I am adding that eye depuffer to my routine! I wish I could get my hubby to grab some eye cream. I seriously just got him to start using a moisturizer, so it may take a while though.
    Congrats again on your sweet new baby!!!

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