Jeans & A White Tee Elevated

grey fur coat, its bitsy indulgences

Please don’t let the fact that I am actually dressed in this picture deceive you. It was certainly a doozy of a morning…. and I am quite surprised I made it out the door, and to Harper’s 2 week doctor’s appointment on-time with my hair dry. This morning was a fussy one and when she had finally closed her eyes for her mid-morning nap I thought I would capitalize and take a quick 5 minute shower. Listening for any cries or peeps throughout, I was able to successfully wash my hair and lather some soap before getting out. The minute my toes hit the tile floor the restlessness set in and I questioned my initial decision to wash my hair (as in, am I going to be going to the doctor’s appointment with wet hair??… or halfway air-dried frizzed hair???). After a few minutes of rocking her and using some of the “S’s” from The Happiest Baby on The Block, she had quieted down and I decided to quickly try to finish my morning routine…

Just as I had finished combing through my hair the fussiness picked up again… I decided to try to turn on the blow drier to see if the noise would settle her down… bingo… it worked. I had a quick 15 minutes until her feeding to get my hair dried. Yet, that wasn’t so much her plan. Halfway through the blowout, she woke up and was ready to feed. During the feeding (at which point I only had 45 minute left until we needed to leave) my mind was hard at work trying to figure out how to make a halfway-blow-dried hair style that would look like it was intentional and not accidental. Lucky for me, she fed quickly and fell asleep again…. for enough time to allow me to finish drying my hair and get through the curling process… yet not enough time to complete any sort of make-up routine.

So, I simply realized that I should start to practice my “one-handed skills.” I realized that I can quickly apply my make-up holding baby and using one hand to apply mascara and under eye concealer (a necessity these days). At this point I was feeling like we just might make it…. with the last step of throwing on something presentable left in front of us. Which is why I am loving distressed denim and a white tee these days. They are a versatile “mom” (or, really, for anyone in a pinch) base. From there all I had to do was add a fun coat (pink version here) and favorite flats to make it look like my morning wasn’t really the morning it was! And hey… no one needs to know how I got there, right??

{Outfit Details || Coat: c/o Shein | Jeans: J. Brand (I distressed mine more) | Tee: Nordstrom (live in it and it comes in 3 other colors) | Shoes: Valentino, cheaper option here | Sunglasses: Karen Walker |  Purse: Chloe | Stroller: c/o UppaBaby}

Harper’s Headband || Baby Bling

grey fur coat, its bitsy indulgences

grey fur coat, its bitsy indulgences

grey fur coat, its bitsy indulgences

grey fur coat, itsy bitsy indulgences

valentino rockstuds, itsy bitsy indulgences

grey fur coat, its bitsy indulgences


baby bling headband, itsy bitsy indulgences

itsy bitsy indulgences