Olive x Black: The Perfect Transition Out of Leggings

olive and black, itsy bitsy indulgences

Moving out of my daily leggings and into my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans was a #win for me this past weekend. We had a day of visiting with grandparents and great-grandparents, and I thought it would be a nice opportunity to pull myself together. With “primping” time being more limited lately due to a feeding schedule, I decided that I had to pick and choose what the focus was. I tend to always lean toward doing something with my hair…. so that was a given. I avoided any major eye make-up (hence the sunglasses) and opted for the tried and true favorite black jeans, new booties, and a roomy (because let’s face it… those pants didn’t actually button), yet cozy sweater. It was just enough to make me feel a little like my old self again!… and that’s a darn good feeling if you ask me!

{outfit Details || Sweater: c/o Shein | Jeans: J.Brand (still wearing bellaband) | Boots: Steven | Purse: Ferragamo | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | V-necklace: Gorjana}

olive and black, itsy bitsy indulgences

open shoulder sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

olive sweater, itsy bitsy indulgences

distressed denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

olive waffle knot sweater | itsy bitsy indulgences

ferragamo puse, itsy bitsy indulgences

side slit booties, itsy bitsy indulgences

olive and black, itsy bitsy indulgences


  1. Andrea says:

    I read a lot of blogs and have never commented on any of them until now. I want to truly and honestly thank you for being so honest about your jeans and wearing a bellaband after giving birth. I had my first child about 18 months ago and when I was pregnant I remember all my friends telling me they were back in their pre-pregnancy jeans right away after giving birth. I wasn’t! And I didn’t even gain that much weight during my pregnancy. I remember feeling so frustrated and questioning how they did it and I couldn’t. I think it’s so important to give ourselves grace and time to heal before being expected to wear certain sizes or look a certain way. Thank you for posting the truth and being vulnerable with the world. I am expecting our second baby now and really admire you for your honesty. You look so happy by the way! Congratulations on little Harper! Being a mom is just the best!

    • Shannon Pulsifer says:

      Always! The goal of the blog is to be authentic and true… so thank you for providing me with that feedback! Post-pregnancy body is a hard one to adapt to, so I am trying to practice being kind to myself 🙂 and remember that it took 9 months to grow her, so it will take some time for my body to adjust!