Rips, Studs, & Bumps

ripped denim, pregnancy style, itsy bitsy indulgences

As I move through my last week of pregnancy (little one will be arriving this week one way or another) I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement. Anticipation to start this life that we have been preparing for over the past 40 weeks. Putting our skills to the test… those swaddling techniques we worked to perfect, the sleep schedule we researched, those baby calming tricks we watched and committed to memory… I want her here so we can try them out! Yet, on a much more shallow note, I am looking forward to some of life’s more simple pleasures. What are those you ask? Well, I can’t wait to tuck in my shirt again. I was always a fan of the front and side tuck… and a belly simply hasn’t afforded me with that opportunity. I’m excited to zip my pants again (I know this may actually take some time), seeing my toes, and being able to put socks on independently.

So, it only seemed natural that one of my last pregnancy posts would feature a few of my favorite pieces that I can’t wait to continue to wear post-pregnancy. Take this top and jeans combo. The day I can zip and front tuck the two together my neighbors will hear a small shout for joy. This cozy fringed knit… well, I’m looking forward to wearing it with a belt (I almost forgot what a belt was…) or with a crisp fitted white top.

While a part of me will miss this little bump that has grown with me over the past 9 months, another part of me is anticipating the symbolic disappearance of it: the beginning of our little family.

{Outfit Details || Jeans: Lovers & Friends (on sale), worn with a bellaband | Cardigan: c/o Chicwish | Top: Nordstrom, (similar option here) | Shoes: Valentino (cheaper option here) | Purse: Ferragamo | V- necklace: Gorjana}

baby bump fashion, itsy bitsy indulgences

ripped denim and studded flats, itsy bitsy indulgences

itsy bitsy indulgences

pregnancy style, itsy bitsy indulgences

long grey cardigan, itsy bitsy indulgences

stripe tee and ripped denim, itsy bitsy indulgences

ripped denim, itsy bitsy indulgences