Weekend Casual: Plaid & Leopard

plaid top, baby bump style, itsy bitsy indulgences

Real Life: I changed my outfit four times before settling on this one for a day at Pebble Beach. It was one of those days where I simply didn’t think anything looked good. At. All. The natural pin cushion for my frustration? TJ. Poor guy listened to me rant about how I had nothing to wear (despite a suitcase full… and some having to transfer to his suitcase at the airport once mine was weighed) and with every outfit kindly stated how “beautiful” I looked. With the bump growing on an hourly (if not minute) basis, I think I was having an adult temper tantrum. Eventually I calmed myself down, convinced myself that the hotel mirror was distorting my reality (to which TJ rapidly agreed), and tossed on this plaid top and asked for assistance in putting on my leopard booties.

Humor aside, I think we all have these days (right?). My solution, when I’m at home, is to fall back on my tried and trues (a crisp white button up and favorite distressed jeans, with a few gold accessories). When I’m away and my options are a little more limited? Still, a button up and distressed jeans. They’re the perfect look when you want to look put together and feel good about yourself! What are your favorite go-to pieces??

And… a very happy Friday to you all! This weekend we’re heading up to LA for a little exploration and a night out on the town. I love exploring LA and can’t wait to share some of the photos next week. Have a great weekend everyone!

{Outfit Details || Top: J. Crew, 25% off (I am wearing a size 6, I usually wear a 00/0) | Jeans: J. Brand (with a bellaband) | Booties: Sam Edeleman | Jacket: Nordstrom (similar) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Purse: Prada, cheaper option here (under $200) | V Necklace: Gorjana | Eye Necklace: Shashi | Pendant Necklace: David Yurman}

plaid top, distressed jeans, pregnancy style, itsy bitsy indulgences

fall plaid top, baby bump, itsy bitsy indulgences

plaid and leather, itsy bitsy indulgences

plaid and leather baby bump style, itsy bitsy indulgences


leopard booties, itsy bitsy indulgences

distressed denim with leopard booties, itsy bitsy indulgences


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