Weekend Recap

pressed freeze, itsy bitsy indulgences {A little pressed date with my mom}

If you read last Monday’s Weekend Recap, you’ll recall that the intention I set for the week was to simply trust in the process. To “Let be and Let God,” if you will. Results? I utterly failed. Well, maybe for the first two days of the week I was successful, but something crept in Wednesday morning on my walk and I just couldn’t shake it for the rest of the week. One of those things where you’re constantly comparing, worrying about the future, and simply wanting to make “things” happen quicker. It wasn’t a very pleasant place to be, and the weekend made it a little better. A day of exploring and the couch on Saturday night, followed by a little day date with my mom on Sunday morning made for a nice reprieve from the small little frustrations. As we enter the week ahead, I am still setting my intention to trust the process and hoping that I can learn a little from last week. Isn’t that where growth occurs? When we can learn from the past and move forward into the present? I hope so 🙂 Have a great weekend,  I mean week (that was an honest error too… wishful thinking?) everyone!

urth cafe, itsy bitsy indulgences {Another visit to Urth Cafe… and who doesn’t love a little chai tea latte (decaf) art??}

laguna beach ca, itsy bitsy indulgences {Sunny skies over Laguna Beach #endlesssummer}

roger's garden, itsy bitsy indulgences {Love perusing Roger’s Gardens during the holidays}

fall decor, itsy bitsy indulgences {Picked up this little pink pumpkin and loved the long stemmed orange one too :)}

fall cozies, itsy bitsy indulgences {Some fall cozies: pink scarf, black and white scarf, checked scarf, hat}

I’ve read that keeping your core strong during pregnancy has multiple benefits. Among those? A shorter labor. Um, yes please! So, this weekend’s Women’s Health Challenge was everywhere in my workout!

Comfortable is the word these days… but it always conjures up frumpy images for me :)! So this weekend I went on the quest for comfortable and chic pieces to take on our upcoming Carmel trip (this weekend!!). I may or may not have picked up these cozy pajama pants (perfect for a movie night in bed), a soft grey cape for meandering the cute little streets, this wine colored sweater (perfect for a cooler evening dinner),  and these olive green and pink kicks (since my back is requiring a little more support these days…) which are currently 25% off. We’re also planning an early morning hike and temps along the Northern coast are quite cool in the morning… so this light pink beanie, grey mesh leggings, and this inspirational sweatshirt will be tagging along.