What I Ate + The Donut Experiment (Basically a 5-Day Healthy Meal Plan)

5 day meal plan, double dose bakery waffles

Last Sunday TJ and I gave into a craving I had… a donut. So we headed out to a local gourmet donut shop (Sidecar) and instead of ordering one, we ordered several. We couldn’t decide which to have, so we did a little donut tasting. Did it taste amazing? Oh, indeed. Did I enjoy every little bite? Um, duh. Was I famished an hour later? You bet, stomach growling. I pretty much knew this was going to happen. I predicted it. I told TJ on the way to breakfast, “I know this isn’t going to really satisfy me. I’m going to be starving an hour later.” Not only were we starving an hour later, our energy levels were low for the rest of the day.

I guess what this proved to me is that healthy eating isn’t just about looking good, it’s truly about nourishing your body and providing it with the nutrients needed to sustain itself. I was happy it was a Sunday, and not a workday. I would feel sorry for anyone in a meeting with me after that sugar crash. Knowing that I wasn’t feeling nourished only created a slightly elevated anxiety level that I hadn’t nourished Harper. I’ve decided that anxiety isn’t worth it, and back to clean eating I went on Monday (I’m being slightly humorous here). Acknowledging the need to give in once in a while, I hope you’ll find the below 5-day meal plan, or what I ate for 5 days, one that can help to sustain energy and leave your stomach and taste buds satisfied. I’ve also included my work-outs for each day, as well as a few favorite work-out pieces (all 25% off with code INTHEFAM25)… because I always find cute work-out gear a tad more motivating :)!


Breakfast: I had to fast overnight, due to a 2 hour glucose blood test, so when I was finally able to eat around 11:30 I had a large vanilla pressed juicery (which is almonds, dates, vanilla bean, and sea salt juiced and frozen) topped with raspberries, strawberries, granola, and honey.
Lunch: Spicy Lentil Bean Wrap from Trader Joe’s (in their pre-made section)
Snack: Honey-crisp apple dipped in 2 tbsp almond butter
Dinner: Homemade pizza: Trader Joe’s whole wheat crust, topped with daiya mozzarella cheese, 1/2 cup pizza sauce, olives, tomatoes, red onions, fresh basil, and arugula.
Dessert: 1 Pumpkin Spice See’s Candy Truffle

Workout: 30 minutes on spin bike + 2 minute planks + stretches

Breakfast: 2 Double Dose Bakery Chocolate Chip Waffles  (gluten free, dairy free, pale friendly, and GMO free), topped with a tsp of almond butter and banana slices (1/2 banana).
Snack: 1 hardboiled egg + 1 cup of red grapes
Lunch: 2 pieces of leftover pizza + 1 cup carrots
Snack: 1 medium pear + KIND BAR (caramel + sea salt)
Dinner: Homemade black bean + sweet potato enchiladas (adapted from this recipe)
Dessert: 1 Pumpkin Spice See’s Candy Truffle

Workout: 3 mile morning run + 2 minute planks + stretches

Breakfast: 2 slices cinnamon raisin toast from Trader Joe’s topped with sliced bananas, 2 tbsp almond butter, and drizzled with honey.
Snack: Pressed Juicery Greens 5
Lunch: Kale salad, topped with 2 tbsp lite champagne vinaigrette (found at Trader Joe’s), shaved carrots, 2 tsp sunflower seeds, and 6 oz grilled chicken.
Snack: 2 tbsp hummus, carrots and zucchini + 1 cup of grapes
Dinner: Wahoo’s Fishs Tacos: Shrimp Bonzai Burritto (with black beans, brown rice, and steamed veggies)
Dessert: 1 See’s Candy

Workout: 30 minute walk

Breakfast: Steel cut oats topped with sliced bananas and drizzled with honey
Snack: 1 hardboiled egg + 1 apple
Lunch: Veggie Sandwich: 2 slices ezekiel bread with sprouts, shaved carrots, cucumber slices, sunflower seeds, honey mustard, 1/2 avocado
Snack: 1 KIND Bar + 1 sliced red bell pepper
Dinner: Asian Themed: Shredded pork (4 oz) + Trader Joe’s Vegetable fried rice (1 1/2 cups) + 1 cup broccoli
Dessert: 1 See’s Candy

Workout: 30 minute elliptical + 10 minutes of weight training + 2 minutes plank + stretches

Breakfast: Same as Wednesday
Snack: This smoothie
Lunch: Wahoo’s Grilled Chicken Kale Kai Salad
Snack: 1 KIND Bar + carrots
Dinner: 4 oz Tri-Tip (Santa Maria marinade from Trader Joe’s) + roasted sweet potatoes + asparagus
Dessert: Frozen Yogurt (pumpkin and chocolate flavored)

Workout: Tracey Anderson Pregnancy Project

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  1. Ughs… now I’m craving a donut :/


  2. Love this meal plan! And I totally agree, it is fun to indulge once and awhile, but I always am reminded afterward why I eat healthfully. It’s crazy how everything from our energy to our mood to our skin is affected by what we eat!

    Dani | http://www.styledvariety.com

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Yes, exactly! It is crazy how what we eat impacts our energy levels! But we don’t want to be too rigid either!