Denim x Denim + Dressing the Watermelon Stomach

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True confession: Since becoming pregnant, I’ve had a few meltdowns when looking in the mirror (may or may not have had one today…). One such day, I was lucky enough to be at my parent’s house and mamma saved the day (as mom’s always do). Let’s just face it, pregnant or not, we all have those days (and if you don’t, please comment below and tell me your secret). Whether it’s a bad hair day, a “I feel blah” day, or simply a “I don’t have anything to wear day”… those moments aren’t pleasant and don’t leave you feeling that great. Something I have become much more aware of since becoming pregnant though is how to dress specifically for my body. I learned this the hard way… what looked good without a watermelon protruding from my belly no longer looked as good… and the more I tried to make it work, the more frustrated I became. I started to re-examin how I got dressed in the morning… how I purchased items… and how I viewed my body in general (and this will always be a work in progress if I’m 100% honest). I’m no expert here, but I hope I can share a few of my recently gleaned insights with you, in hopes that it can eliminate just one of “those” days… because, hey, us women need to stick together!

  1. Find your favorite body part and work it: TJ has been so sweet and encouraging during this pregnancy when it comes to self-image. He has always been quick to highlight the positives (although in the moment I might snap his head off…). I have actually found that I don’t mind the watermelon belly when I dress accordingly… hence I choose pieces that accentuate it. Love your arms? Rock those sleeveless tops. Have an enviable neckline? I say go for the v-neck. Have an killer derrière? Bust out those skinny jeans! Being pregnant, for me, as meant wearing pieces that hug my body a little more and create space between my neckline and chest (I typically prefer a v-neck).

2. Dress your size: I think I was slightly delusional when I thought that I wouldn’t need to increase size, or bust out some maternity pants until my last month of pregnancy. Once I began dressing to my new size I felt, and looked, much better. I’m learning that it’s not the size on the tag that counts… it’s how you feel in the clothing that matters most.

3. Ditch excess material: This isn’t always true… but I’d say 75% of the time more material typically makes me feel slightly larger. The other day I was trying on a dress and from the front it looked great. When I turned around and looked from the side and back, it just didn’t work. I showed TJ, who had the same reaction… simply too much junk in the trunk! If I’m loving a piece that has slightly more material, I usually like to pair it with a slimming blazer or leather jacket, or cinch it with a belt…. or play with proportions… you know, loose top more fitted bottoms.

4. Have a go-to: I consider this plan B… when I’ve tried all the other options, and I’m not loving anything, I simply fall back on those tried and true outfits that work every time… like my favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt. I simply add a few different accessories, and it’s like new!

{Outfit Details || Cardigan: Forever 21 | Top: J. Crew | Jeans: AG c/o A Pea in The Pod, non-maternity here | Shoes: J. Crew (on sale!) | Hat: Rag & Bone, similar here, here | Purse: Chloe | Sunglasses: Marc x Marc Jacobs | V Necklace: Gorjana (25% off)}

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