Weekend Recap

corona del mar ca, itsy bitsy indulgences {Endless summer means walks on the beach}

I guess you would say that the “nesting” process has started. Moving into the weekend, I knew I had a lot of organizing and de-cluttering to do (yeah, aren’t you jealous??)… but I didn’t realize I would become so “in the zone” that 5 hours later I would have 9 bags of clothing and shoes to donate, and a nursery that was almost complete (and here, I must emphasize almost). Everything in my closet was scrutinized and if it didn’t meet the “I am going to wear it in the next few months” criteria, in the bag it went. It was slightly symbolic I guess. Knowing that our lives will be changing immensely in the next few months, it was as if I was shedding “excess baggage” that didn’t need to accompany us on this new life journey. It felt good.

Luckily, there were a few opportunities to sneak in some fun this weekend (since most of the above occurred on Sunday… within a 5 hour span). Since we’re experiencing yet another endless summer, the beach was gorgeous (and hot), an evening in with Thai food and air conditioning, and a little shopping made it pretty delightful. Oh, and there was also a doughnut tasting Sunday morning… #insatiable #pregnancycraving (which I haven’t had many of)! Have a great week everyone!!

persimmons, itsy bitsy indulgences {So excited it’s persimmon season}

nursery, itsy bitsy indulgences {Little touches in the nursery with this pillow, flamingo, and pink blanket (a beautiful gift)}

joir loren fringe booties, itsy bitsy indulgences {9 bags out to make room for these fringe beauties}

sidecar doughnuts, itsy bitsy indulgences {Said doughnut tasting at Sidecar… pumpkin and apple cinnamon were my favorites}

homemade pizza, itsy bisy indulgences {My favorite Sunday evening meal… homemade pizza and a little Sunday Night Football}

This weekend’s workouts included a leg circuit and Tracey Anderson’s Pregnancy Project, month 7.

I’m so excited that TJ and I were able to book an upcoming trip to Carmel. It’s one of our favorite spots on the California coastline. With that being said, it’s only logical that I have started outfit planning. I am loving this long sleeve floral dress, this grey oversize turtleneck sweater, a v-neck long sleeve tee (perfect for travel days), and these faux leather leggings.