Nursery Inspiration Board

As I move farther along into my pregnancy, I am getting the question, “How’s the nursery going,” more frequently. In all honesty, we had been so busy with our bathroom remodel, that we figured we would tackle the nursery upon completion. Well, bathrooms complete, and shower celebrated… so Sunday we began to really put together our plan for the nursery. In all honesty though, we cleared out the room (thank goodness for storage units!!), painted, added recessed lighting, and laid wood floors several months back. With the rug, glider, and crib now purchased, I’ve bought a few extra items to round the room out a little. We still have some work to go, and more to purchase, but you can see a snip- it of what we have thus far below. My goal for our little one is that we bring her home to a warm, inviting environment, where she can thrive and grow over the next year! I’ll be sure to share more as we get closer to completion… as the wheels continue to churn and more ideas pop up (like a library wall!!).

{Glider | Side Table | Crib | Paris Print | Giraffe | Pouf | Rug | Storage Basket | Faux Fur Pillow | Throw Blanket | Flamingo}

Inspiration Board For Baby Nursery

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