Weekend Recap

itsy bitsy indulgences{Remnants from this weekend’s baby shower}

What a weekend! Friday evening kicked off with the completion of our bathroom remodel (finally) so we spent the evening moving back home and getting settled in… with a little pizza and a documentary on James Whitey (we love things like that). Saturday was spent showering our sweet baby Harper, and the day was beyond beautiful as I was surrounded by amazing women and so much love (I can’t wait to share more on the shower later this week). We spent that evening celebrating Tj’s birthday with a little bar-b-que… Sunday was followed by some much needed sleeping in and finally purchasing the crib and glider! It was one of those weekends where you look back and feel incredibly blessed to have been given so much… and I don’t mean in terms of tangible items. Love, companionship, support, and bonds all mean so much more than any perfectly wrapped gift with a beautiful bow (although I’ve never been known to turn down one of those :)). I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

itsy bitsy indulgences {Bathroom remodel completed… 25 days later! Rug, Shoes}

land of nod rattles, itsy bitsy indulgences {A gorgeous crocheted blanket and cap knitted by my great-grandmother, passed down to little Harper… and some new baby rattles}

leopard booties, itsy bitsy indulgences {My perfect compromise between heels and sneakers… low heeled leopard booties}

itsy bitsy indulgences {Fall arrived… even if only for 24 hours… with the first little drops of rain}

So, two pieces of baby shower cake, a few cookies, and gourmet chocolates… (it was that good) and a birthday celebration all in the same day requires a return to clean eating and workouts. This side-lunge move will keep the booty nice for skinny jean season!

A few items I’m eyeing… but haven’t purchased yet include these fabulous flared jeans, this off-white fringe sweater, black slip-on sneakers (which I already have in light pink… so comfortable!), and these black mesh leggings (um, hello growing belly!).