Weekend Recap: San Francisco

golden gate bridge, itsy bitsy indulgences {Stunning Golden Gate Bridge views}

I spent this past weekend in San Francisco, visiting my freshman year college roommate (when we realized it had been 13 years since that first time we met it was a shock!). We spent the time outdoors, hiking and walking, eating delicious food, catching up, and laughing at small little moments. I tried Dim Sum for the first time (um, this was amazing…), woke up at 5:40am on Saturday morning to catch the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge, and enjoyed a laid back evening in on Saturday evening, cooking a healthy dinner, and indulging on some sweet treats.

Whenever I spend time with my girlfriends I am reminded of the beauty of friendship. The trust, the laughter, the memories… it’s something that is continually cultivated and tended to. I have come to realize that friendships, and any relationship in general, take work. Not laborious, tiring work, but effort. In order to maintain them, you must make time for them. Inquire into their lives, demonstrate a genuine interest, have empathy, and most importantly have fun together. I typically only get to see this friend 1-2 times each year, but when we do get together it’s as if no time has passed at all. Which is all due to a genuine effort on both parts. Frequent text messages, small words of encouragement, and e-mails here and there. I never regret the effort it takes to maintain my friendships and it’s something that I hope my sweet baby girl is lucky enough to experience. As we sat there on Saturday night and my girlfriend felt Harper kicking, it was a testament to the growth and duration of our friendship… never did I think when I met her at the age of 18 would I be sitting with her, in the house she shares with her husband, at the age of 31, pregnant and amazed over the human life kicking inside. Female friendships have so much power behind them and I hope that is a message I can model and instill within Harper when she arrives… of course I know that she will realize that magnitude starting with her first female relationship: me.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here’s to a week of connecting with a friend. XX

sunrise hike to golden gate bridge, itsy bitsy indulgences {Sunrise hike to the Golden Gate Bridge}

wrecking ball coffee roasters, san francisco, itsy bitsy indulgences {The cutest pineapple wallpaper at Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters}

The Bud Stop, itsy bitsy indulgences {Always a sucker for beautiful flowers stands}

yenk shing dim sum, itsy bitsy indulgences {An amazing dim sum experience at Yenk Shing}

golden gate bridge, itsy bitsy indulgences {Sunday morning walk to the Golden Gate Bridge (top)}

Dim Sum and yummy sweet treats call for a return to my usual eating and fitness regime. When I returned, later Sunday, I was sure to use my circuit workout to give my legs a little pep talk for the week ahead 🙂

In the spirit of girlfriends, I loved this article on Femship.

Weekend Wish-list: this long sleeve silk tunic (in multiple colors) is perfect preggo-o or not, a comfy and cozy boucle sweater coat, grey skinny jeans, the prettiest camel colored tote bag, in love with this black and white sweater and oversized stripe turtleneck.


  1. Beautiful photos! I love San Francisco!

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