#GlowOnFitMom: Self-Care + A 25 Minute Fitness Circuit

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This post was originally intended to have a video workout attached to it… yet, after hours of trying to upload the video, attempting to compress the size, and lots of frustrated grunts, it just wasn’t going to work. So, I guess I just have to be flexible and roll with it, right??

Today’s post was done in conjunction with Bellabumbum and their campaign #GlowOnFitMom which promotes self-care for women. I’ve always been a huge proponent of taking care of the self, and in my work with families have always encouraged mothers to “do something nice for themselves.” If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t possibly help others too. We all have different activities that we can engage in to help us rejuvenate and invest in ourselves. For me personally, I have always seen working out and eating healthy as a way to practice positive self care. When I was younger I used working out as a way to “look good.”  Now I use it as a way to feel good, increase my energy, and to be healthy for our soon-to-arrive daughter. Even though those are my main ways of practicing self-care I also enjoy the occasional mani/pedi combo, an hour spent reading my favorite magazine or book, and a nice brunch or dinner with girlfriends. In the spirit of the campaign, I have put together a 25 minute circuit that you can easily complete at home with a few simple pieces of equipment!

For this workout you will need a workout step (or maybe pile up a few books you might not be reading… enough to create a 3-4 inch step), two 5 lbs dumbbells, two 10 lbs dumbbells, and a yoga mat.

I’ve listed the steps for the workout below

Stagnant lunges on step: 10 on each side with 5 lbs dumbbells (start with your right foot on the step and drop into a lunge position, then raise back up to start. That is one rep. Be sure to keep your knee and ankle in line with one another, and don’t let your knee extend over your ankle).

10 upright rows (with the 5 lbs weights in your hands, hinge forward at the hip so you are making a 90 degree angle. Hang your arms down, pull up your arms so your wrists hit at chest level being sure to keep your elbows close to your sides, and then return to start. That is one rep).

Side crunches: 10 on each side (with weights still in your hands, complete 10 side crunches, from standing position, on each side)

15 deadlifts (Place 10 lbs dumbbells in front of you. Hinge forward at the hip, reach down to grab the dumbbells. With dumbbells in your hands return to standing position, keeping legs straight, squeezing your bum together when your return to standing. Then hinge back down. That is one rep.)

Step-up lunges: 10 on each side with 5 lbs dumbbells (performing a lunge movement, place your lunging foot on top of the work out step. Return to start. That is one rep.)

10 butt bridges (see this image for example)

1 minute plank

Repeat the circuit 4x

** Be sure to rest 1 minute in between each set (or however much is needed).**

{Post Products || Workout top: c/o Bellabumbum | Workout pants: c/o Bellabumbum | Shoes: Nike | Hat: Nordstrom | Bag: Tory Burch | Step: Amazon | Yoga Mat: Amazon (so many different colors!!)}

bellabumbum, fit pregnancy, itsy bitsy indulgences


fit pregnancy, itsy bitsy indulgences