Hollywood Hills Hike with Vimmia X: What Do You Demand??

hollywood hills, itsy bitsy indulgences

This past weekend TJ and I (along with our fur baby Captain) took to the Hollywood Hills for a workout that would challenge us and provide us with a chance to spend time together. We chatted a lot about the changes we are going to be experiencing in the next few months and talked about what our expectations are of each other, from a husband and wife perspective, as well as from a parenting perspective. It was a good conversation and one I know we will continue to have, as our expectations will always be evolving based on where we are in life.

When VIMMIA (an amazing activewear company) launched their campaign #iDemand, I was thrilled to be a part of it. They challenged me to think about what “I Demand” from a workout. As I thought about this, it resonated with life in general. Having expectations from certain facets of your life, as long as they are reasonable, is completely acceptable, and very appropriate. In fact, I’ve found that knowing what my expectations are helps me to be a better, and more effective communicator.

All that being said, I also have expectations from my fitness routine. I always love a good challenge, an activity that invigorates me, and an end result that leaves me feeling accomplished and proud of myself. And if I’m being completely honest, I always love cute workout attire… these VIMMIA pants are seriously amazing. They hug in all the right places and are the perfect pair to take you from yoga mat to celebratory brunch 🙂 What do you demand from your life and fitness routine? I’d love to hear!

{Outfit Details || Pants: c/o VIMMIA X | Top: Zella | Shoes: Nike | Sunglasses: Marc x Marc Jacobs}

hollywood hills, zella workout gear, itsy bitsy indulgences

vimmia x active wear, itsy bitsy indulgences

hollywood hills hike, itsy bitsy indulgences

zella workout clothing, itsy bitsy indulgences



hollywood hills, itsy bitsy indulgences


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