Weekend Recap

itsy bitsy indulgences {Love rewarding myself with fresh blooms after making it through the 9-5}

A quick update from last weekend’s recap… I spent the week sans hubby, taking in a week solo… with thoughts that it would be one of the last times that happened. All that being said, I enjoyed meals I knew only I would appreciate, had a late night pressed yogurt run with Allison, and enjoyed cozying up in bed around 8:30 with a good book. I thoroughly enjoyed solo time. Come Friday though, I was ready for TJ to return, and to have a little girl time with some of my best friends from graduate school. So, the weekend kicked off with girl talk and a late night run to the airport to pick up Tj. Saturday was spent exploring and relaxing… with Sunday including more of the same. It was a week filled with little self indulgences, capped off with good friends and family. Sometimes solitude is the best antidote to feeling a little overwhelmed with external demands… but then, it’s always funny that the need to be with community presents itself at just the right time :)! Hope you all had a great weekend, and a wonderful week ahead!

itsy bitsy indulgences {Friday night cocktails (well, a mocktail for me) with good friends}

greenleaf cafe, itsy bitsy indulgences {Saturday morning breakfast at a new spot: Greenleaf Cafe}

australian labradoodle, itsy bitsy indulgences {This little man letting us know we slept in a little too late}

gluten free pancakes, itsy bitsy indulgences {Sunday morning gluten free, dairy free pancakes… and a little wanderlust}

al fresco homemade pizza, itsy bitsy indulgences {Sunday evening homemade pizza… enjoyed al fresco with bare feet}

With all this hot weather, tank tops are a must… which means I’ve been focusing on the biceps lately, and loving this Women’s Health Week Challenge. I modified it this weekend to accommodate my growing belly.

Loving this Weekend Wish-list which includes a polished pair of taupe slides, grey duster sweater (perfect transitional piece!), pink roll sleeve jacket, simple jersey dress (perfect for the weekend!), and this fun little yellow number!

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