A Circuit Work-Out For The Derrière

Today I decided to try something a little different and play around with some video content. I was in the middle of snapping pics for this post, when I thought it would be fun to make something slightly more interactive… hence the above, unscripted, slightly awkward (??) clip. Hopefully it answers the questions on how to work through this quick 20 minute, invigorating circuit. Hopefully next time I will have video content on how to flow through the moves.

What I love most about this circuit is the focus it places on the rear. Lately I’ve been feeling like my derrière is interfering with my desire to wear my beloved jeans. I know this is only a natural progression of pregnancy, but I’d like to keep my muscles warm so that post pregnancy I will be able to bounce back in a healthy time frame. I’ve been loving experimenting with workouts while being pregnant, have done my research, and the body of evidence on the amazing benefits of exercise during pregnancy, for both momma and baby, is exhaustive. Each of these moves is safe and low impact… pregnant or not! So I hope you enjoy.

For this circuit you will need 3 to 5 pound weights (I prefer 5 pounds, but 3 will be just as challenging), a yoga mat, and a stability (exercise) ball. I recommend completing the circuit 4xs (and please rest as needed). All in all, it’s a 20 minute circuit with resistance using both body weight and free weights, gets your heart rate moving, and leaves you feeling invigorated.

{Workout Gear || Pants: Onzie | Sports Bra: Onzie | Top: Zella | Shoes: Nike}

1. Sumo Squat with Dumbbell Curl– For this exercise, start with your toes facing out, and feet hip width apart. Squat and complete the dumbbell curl. Repeat 20x.


pregnancy circuit, itsy bitsy indulgences

2. Squat with Overhead Press- Stand with feet hip width apart, squat, and stop at the bottom. Complete the overhead press, and return to start. Complete 20x.


pregnancy fitness circuit, itsy bitsy indulgences

itsy bitsy indulgences, fitness moves while pregnant

3. Wall Squat with Stability Ball- Place the stability ball behind your back so that the bottom of the ball sits right at the curve of your lower spine. Squat so that your legs are at a 90° angle to the ground. Hold for 1 minute.


wall squat circuit, itsy bitsy indulgences

4. Static Lunge- Place yourself in a lunge position while holding the weights at your side. Squat down, making sure to keep your back straight, your front knee behind your toes, and lower the back leg to a hover above the ground (don’t let it touch the ground). Repeat 10x and then switch legs and complete 10x.

baby bump fitness, itsy bitsy indulgences

onzie workout gear, itsy bitsy indulgences

5. Stability Ball Plank– (If you’re pregnant, be sure you can do this move prior to pregnancy to ensure balance. If you couldn’t, try a regular plank or forearm plank). Hold plank on the stability ball for 1 minute.

pregnancy planks, itsy bitsy indulgences

6. Leg Press– Start on your hands and knees. Take your left leg in towards your chest and then shift it back into a split position. Be sure to keep your toe pointed. Repeat 20x on each side.


Pregnancy workout circuit, itsy bitsy indulgences