A 6 Move Circuit to Keep You In Shape (Pregnant or Not!)

pregnancy fitness moves, itsy bitsy indulgences

Over the past few weeks, my workout routine has shifted more from interval training and long cardio sessions, to weight training accompanied by lighter, cardio sessions. When I realized that my body simply wasn’t able to manage the previous intensity of my workouts, I was a little bummed. I love working out, less for the vanity aspect, and more for the challenge and positive feelings I reap from a workout. Trying to be flexible and embrace this new body, I decided to get creative and experiment with new moves and routines. Recently I’ve enjoyed Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project (as I loved her workouts prior to becoming pregnant) and have modified some of my favorite yoga moves to create a workout that elevates my heart rate just the right amount.

For this circuit, I took 6 moves that focus on balance and strength training. I performed each move 10x (resting when needed in between) and repeated the circuit 3-4xs. This is definitely a workout I would have done pre-pregnancy too, as I love the weight training aspect that it provides. Hope you can enjoy, pregnant or not 🙂

{Outfit Details || Leggings: Onzie via Nordstrom | Tank: Lululemon | Shoes: Nike (newer version) | Tracy Anderson DVD}

Move 1: Place yourself in chair (or a squat) position and quickly tap your toe back behind you. Repeat 10x, on both the left and right side.

toe taps, itsy bitsy indulgences


Move 2. Place your right ankle over you left thigh, with weights in a bicep curl position. Slowly lower into a one legged squat while simultaneously extending your arms in front of you. Do 10x, then switch and complete 10x on the opposite leg. pregnancy workout, itsy bitsy indulgences


Move 3:Get into plank position on the weights. Keeping your hips as square as possible, pull your arm up into a row. Alternate between the left and right arms (each left, right combination counts as 1 rep). Repeat 10x.

plank rows, itsy bitsy indulgences


Move 4: Lay flat on your back in bridge position, with arms extended behind you. Slowly pull your arms through to hit the ground near your hips. Then extend them back over your head. This is one rep. Repeat 10x.




Move 5: Get into warrior 3 position. Pull your arms into a row and then move into a tricep extension. Repeat on the opposite leg. Repeat 10x on each side.




Move 6: Get into warrior 1 position. Fly your arms up, while simultaneously kicking your leg up behind you. Return to start. Switch to the other leg. Repeat 10x on each side.