Striped and Sunscreen Protected

striped sun protection dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

The one piece of advice (okay, there are more pieces of advice… this is just one of them) that I wish I had listened to more closely in my 20’s was to lather up with sunscreen better, and wear a hat when out in the sun. It’s not that I have massive amounts of visible sun damage on my skin (I am sure that is to come later)… but as I get older, I am starting to realize the potential ramifications my sunbathing (I prefer to call it “Vitamin D Gathering”) will have on my skin. So, I would say that in the past 2-3 years I have taken extra special precautions to protect myself (and those I care about… I am the nag that asks if people have put on sunscreen…). I use a daily moisturizer that is SPF 15 and when I am out in the sun I make sure that I am always wearing a wide brimmed hat to protect my face. Sunscreen (SPF 30) is lathered on 15 minutes before I step out into the sun and I reapply, generously, throughout the day.

So, it only seemed natural when I came across Mott 50 to try out  some of their clothing. All of their items come with a 50 Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) certification (the average t-shirt has 5 UPF… that’s kind of paltry…). Not only do their pieces come with tons of protection, they are soft and fashionable. I love LOVE this tunic dress and was able to wear it out to brunch the other morning, and then to run a few errands… I also can’t wait to try out their baby line once our little girl arrives!!

{Outfit Details || Dress: c/o Mott 50 | Jacket: Old, similar here | Shoes: F21 | Tote: Target | Sunglasses: Valentino |  Necklace: Gorjana}

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UPF clothing, itsy bitsy indulgences

striped dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

hooded dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

white loafers, itsy bitsy indulgences

pregnancy bump 15 weeks, itsy bitsy indulgences

striped summer dress, itsy bitsy indulgences

itsy bitsy indulgences


  1. The dress is effortless yet chic, must have. And I spy a teeny baby bump and I LOVE it!

  2. that shirt dress is absolutely adorable! I would wear it to the beach every single time i went. I need to get one for sure, and those little loafer shoes are perfect with it<333

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thanks so much! The loafers have been a favorite for a long time now and I’m just happy they are working in the summer too!