Weekend Recap

bougainvillea {Pretty bougainvillea on a morning run}

I know I said it’s a good weekend when your beach bag is your main tote for the two glorious non-work days… but it’s also pretty wonderful when you don’t place a drop of make-up on your face. Which was exactly what this weekend consisted of. Catching up with old friends, some deep cleaning (making room for that little one), and lazy lounging by the pool. By the time Sunday rolled around though, I was already longing for Friday evening. So, to make light of the mood, Allison, TJ, and I came up with some “said no one ever sayings…” highly sarcastic in nature… which resulted in some belly hurting laughter… so I thought I would share them here:

“I am so looking forward to my 5 day work week, SAID NO ONE EVER!”

“I can’t wait until 8am Monday morning, SAID NO ONE EVER!”

“I am really looking forward to that extended 2 say weekend, SAID NO ONE EVER!”

Okay, so I realize these might have only been funny to us, in the moment… but I guess the point is, Mondays simply aren’t the best, so any way we can make light of it and power through is necessary! Have a great week everyone!

weekend ensemble, itsy bitsy indulgences {Weekend vibes in this little dress, bathing suit top, and hat}

poolside BBQ pizza, itsy bitsy indulgences

roasting smores {Some poolside BBQ pizzas, and a glass of rose I wish I could say was mine 🙂 Immediately followed by some s’mores roasting}

IMG_6143{Backyard lemons for some refreshing lavender lemonade}

pineapple salsa{Pineapple salsa for Sunday dinner… more to come this week}

So… I don’t really need to concern myself with the abs portion of this move (given the expanding belly)… but sexy legs? I’m in! Be sure to check out Women’s Health Weekend Challenge.

I loved this simple article on what exactly clean eating is. If you’re curious, be sure to check it out. Being pregnant has simply renewed my passion for eating clean!

Allison and I checked out the pre-sale for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and here are some of our favorite items! Love LOVE this fringe suede jacket, this grey ruched dress , black and white striped dress, a fabulous fringe purse, and this dainty gold cuff. We’ll be sharing more of our favorites later this week!


  1. Sounds like an amazing, relaxing weekend!!

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      It was!! Except for the cleaning part 🙂 So jealous of all your Hawaiian adventures!! xo