Skinny Iced Almond Milk Vanilla Latte with Nespresso

iced almond milk vanilla latte, itsy bitsy indulgences

Last summer I found myself knee deep in an iced coffee (sugar free vanilla, almond milk please!) obsession. When we moved into the cooler months (if ever such a thing happened in Southern California), I switched to my traditional tea preference. The taste of regular, warm coffee being slightly too bitter for me. Since becoming pregnant, I have opted for all decaf options. So, it’s safe to say that in the past year I’ve been “dating” various forms of coffee/tea drinks.

My newest obsession came from a desire (call it a craving if you will) for something ice cold and foamy. I was in search of the perfect hot summer morning beverage… so I took to an experiment. My family has long been a fan of Nespresso and their products. Aside from my slight obsession with the sleek and modern design, the coffee product produced is the creme de la creme of coffee (kind of like the Cristal of Champagnes for my bubbly loving friends out there)! With its single serving capability, quick production (you literally push one button… so simple, right?), and aromas that literally fill the air, what more could you ask for…

Well I decided I wanted to ask for something iced… and it was as simple as could be. I filled a large glass with ice and 2 tablespoons of sugar free vanilla. I then selected the decaf capsule, pushed the button, and waited for the coffee to complete. While that was occurring, I utilized a milk frother (on the cold setting) to create an extra foam layer for the latte. I added a few more ice cubes to the latte, added my almond milk, and toped with the foam. All that was left to do was sit outside, enjoy some juicy fruit, and sip my top-of-the-line latte poolside. Not a bad little Sunday if you ask me!

Oh… and another added bonus? Even the warm coffee capsules are perfection. Light, frothy, and full of aromatic flavors (this has been corroborated by coffee aficionados such as my father)…

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iced almond milk vanilla latte, itsy bitsy indulgences

iced vanilla sugar free latte, itsy bitsy indulgences




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