Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas- The Perfect 4th of July Treat!

chocolate covered frozen bananas, itsy bitsy indulgences

When I was younger, and then all throughout my high school days, it was a real treat to head down to Balboa Island and pick up a frozen chocolate covered banana. They were always the perfect indulgence on a warm summer day. As I’ve gotten older, the morsel’s satisfying power of my sweet tooth hasn’t diminished. So much so that I decided to make a dairy free version for the upcoming 4th of July festivities (these can easily be made with dairy by simply swapping out the type of chocolate you use to coat the banana). With plans to have friends and family over for a day of swimming and BBQing, they will make the perfect dessert after those fall-off’-the-bone ribs mom and dad are famous for! And since these little treats are a fruit, they are naturally good for you, and therefor the perfect itsy bitsy indulgence :)!


5 bananas (cut in half)

1 bag of dairy free semi-sweet baking chips (I used Chocolate Dream brand)

½ cup shaved coconut

½ cup crushed graham crackers

1 festive sprinkles container

½ cup of festive M&Ms (for those not dairy free)

10 popsicle sticks (at first I didn’t use popsicle sticks and they were very difficult to dip in the chocolate. I highly recommend them.)


Cut the bananas in half, place the popsicle stick inside, and then place in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes to soft freeze.

While the bananas are freezing, set out the toppings. I chopped the graham crackers in a food processor.

Once the bananas are done soft freezing, it is time to melt the chocolate. I recommend using a shallow bowl so you can simply lay the banana down and twist it around to completely coat it (you may have to get your hands dirty and spread some of the chocolate with your fingers). Start by microwaving the chocolates in 10 second increments so that you don’t burn them. After each 10 second round, stir the chocolate with a spoon. To get a smoother consistency, gradually add olive oil (in small doses).

Once the chocolate is to the consistency of your liking, you can begin to dip the bananas and then immediately add the toppings. As you complete each banana, set it down on a surface that is lined with parchment paper. After you have completed all the bananas, and the chocolate has hardened (you can tell simply by touching them), you can place them, covered, in the freezer.

A quick note- I recommend taking one banana out of the freezer at a time. It is much easier to dip in the chocolate when the banana is slightly frozen!




chocolate covered frozen bananas, itsy bitsy indulgences


chocolate covered frozen bananas, itsy bitsy indulgences